Apiculture MCQs

The scientific method of rearing honeybees is known as Apiculture. It deals with the caring and management of honey bees to produce wax and honey. In this procedure, bees are commercially bred in apiaries. Apiary is a region where several beehives are placed. These apiaries can be set up in areas where there are enough bee pastures, typically in areas having flowering plants.

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1. Amongst honey bees, the workers are:

(a) Female

(b) Male

(c) Both females and males

(d) Hermaphrodite

Answer: (a)

2. The generic name of which of these is Apis?

(a) Fish

(b) Honey bee

(c) Lac insect

(d) Prawn

Answer: (b)

3. Apis dorsata is used to refer to

(a) Little bee

(b) Indian bee

(c) European bee

(d) Rock bee

Answer: (d)

4. The honey bee is of greatest use to mankind as:

(a) It is of medicinal benefits

(b) Helps in cross-pollination

(c) We get honey from them

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

5. Nature of honey is

(a) Acidic

(b) Alkaline

(c) Neutral

(d) Turns basic after a few days

Answer: (a)

6. Honey is

(a) Nectar of a flower

(b) Nectar stored in the honey sac

(c) Nectar mixed with saliva and stored in the honey sac

(d) Nectar and water sucked by honey bee

Answer: (c)

7. The bee carries the pollen back to its colony on:

(a) Its body

(b) Its middle legs

(c) Its front legs

(d) Its rear legs

Answer: (d)

8. The chief constituent of honey is

(a) Disaccharides

(b) Monosaccharide

(c) Polysaccharides

(d) Fats

Answer: (b)

9. For how long does a worker bee live in the summer?

(a) For 2 weeks

(b) For 2 months

(c) For 4 months

(d) For 6 months

Answer: (b)

10. The development of a male bee (drone) takes how long?

(a) 16 days

(b) 19 days

(c) 22 days

(d) 24 days

Answer: (d)

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