MCQ on Lamarckism For NEET 2021

Lamarck held that entities obtain characteristics in their lifetime to adapt to the environment and also their acquired character is transferred to offspring. Species is hence altered into a new one through the accumulation of acquired characteristics over generations. Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, a french naturalist, advanced the theory of the origin of species.

1. This is an example of industrial melanism is

(a) Mutation

(b) Neo Darwinism

(c) Neo Lamarckism

(d) Natural selection

Answer: (d)

2. Most likely, people who perform tough manual work can develop

(a) thick epidermis on their palms

(b) thick subcutaneous fat in their palms

(c) greater quantity of melanin all over the body

(d) greater number of sweat pores in their hands

Answer: (a)

3. In Lamarck’s view, the key of organic evolution is that each progeny

(a) shows struggle for existence

(b) characters acquired by parental generation are inherited

(c) is similar to its parents

(d) phylogeny is repeated in its ontogeny

Answer: (b)

4. 72 generations of Drosophila were kept in darkness by a scientist. Despite that, the first flies possessed eyes that were normal. This disapproves the theory of

(a) Acquired characters

(b) Synthetic theory

(c) Natural selection

(d) use and disuse

Answer: (a)

5. This is a most popular example of Lamarck

(a) Primrose

(b) Snakes

(c) African Giraffe

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: (d)

6. The idea of use and disuse of organs was given by

(a) Lamarck

(b) Morgan

(c) Darwin

(d) Hugo de Vries

Answer: (a)

7. Acquired characteristics of Lamarck are not inherited and have an evolutionary value. Who gave this statement?

(a) Weismann

(b) Hugo de Vries

(c) TH Morgan

(d) Charles Darwin

Answer: (a)

8. Who stated this theory – organ in use will develop and if not used will weaken to turn vestigial

(a) Mendel

(b) De Vries

(c) Darwin

(d) Lamarck

Answer: (d)

9. Scientists regarded as Neo Lamarckists are

(a) Correns, Hugo de Vries and Tschermak

(b) August Weismann and T.H Morgan

(c) Hardy Weinberg

(d) Kammerer and Mc Dougall

Answer: (d)

10. Germplasm theory against Lamarck’s principle was put forward by

(a) Darwin

(b) Lamarck

(c) Weismann

(d) Hugo de Vries

Answer: (c)

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