MCQs on Growth hormones For NEET

A protein hormone consisting of 190 amino acids, growth hormone is secreted by somatotrophs, the site of production being anterior pituitary. In its human form, it is also known as human growth hormone. This peptide hormone triggers cell reproduction, growth, cell regeneration in animals and humans and hence, is vital for development.

1. This property of a hormone causes it to not display its complete effect without the presence of another hormone

(a) antagonism

(b) self-assertive

(c) permissiveness

(d) synergism

Answer: (c)

2. On the cell, where is the “hormone response element” found?

(a) RNA

(b) DNA

(c) membrane

(d) enzymes

Answer: (b)

3. This is a neuroendocrine organ

(a) adrenal cortex

(b) hypothalamus

(c) pancreas

(d) pituitary

Answer: (b)

4. Which of these does the chemical classification of hormones exclude?

(a) steroid hormones

(b) amino-acid based hormones

(c) glucose containing hormones

(d) protein based hormones

Answer: (c)

5. ___________ takes up the role of transcription of new messenger RNA

(a) steroid hormones

(b) catecholamines

(c) pituitary gland hormones

(d) pancreatic hormones

Answer: (a)

6. The sympathetic nerve stimuli releases

(a) aldosterone

(b) epinephrine

(c) insulin

(d) estrogen

Answer: (b)

7. This system has the capability to directly override the normal endocrine controls

(a) reproductive

(b) nervous

(c) circulatory

(d) digestive

Answer: (b)

8. Secretion of the parathyroid hormone is a good example of

(a) humoral stimuli

(b) pituitary gland stimuli

(c) hormonal stimuli

(d) hypothalamic stimuli

Answer: (a)

9. This is the shortest in water-soluble hormones

(a) chain of amino acids

(b) activation time

(c) half life

(d) molecule

Answer: (c)

10. This is not a major endocrine structure however produces hormones along with performing its main function

(a) thymus

(b) kidneys

(c) pancreas

(d) pituitary

Answer: (b)

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