Chromosome Structure Questions With Answers

The thread-like fine structures found in the nucleus carrying genetic instructions that are passed from one to another generation during the process of reproduction are chromosomes. These chromosomes have a critical role to play in the process of cell division, variation, heredity, repair, mutation and also regeneration. Explore important MCQs on chromosome structure here. Read on.

1. The least level of chromosome organization is

(a) 30nm fibre

(b) solenoid

(c) nucleosome

(d) none of the above

Answer: (c)

2. This has the largest number of chromosomes

(a) Pisum sativum

(b) Giant redwood tree

(c) Haplopappus gracilis

(d) Ophioglossum reticulatum

Answer: (d)

3. A chromosome with a very short arm and a very long arm is referred to as

(a) Metacentric

(b) telocentric

(c) Acrocentric

(d) Sub-metacentric

Answer: (c)

4. A chromosome is the thickest during

(a) anaphase

(b) prophase

(c) interphase

(d) metaphase

Answer: (d)

5. The diagrammatic representation of karyotype (morphological representation of chromosomes) of a species is known as

(a) Cladogram

(b) Ecogram

(c) Chromogram

(d) Idiogram

Answer: (d)

6. If Bb is a gene pair of an individual then the alleles for this gene pair are

(a) A and B

(b) a and A

(c) a and b

(d) b and B

Answer: (d)

7. Euchromatin

(a) stains lightly

(b) is partially condensed

(c) genetically active chromatin with genes

(d) all of the above

Answer: (d)

8. The point at which polytene chromosomes appear to be attached together is known as

(a) centriole

(b) centromere

(c) chromomere

(d) chromocenter

Answer: (d)

9. In which typical stage are Lampbrush chromosomes observed?

(a) meiotic prophase

(b) mitotic metaphase

(c) mitotic prophase

(d) mitotic anaphase

Answer: (a)

10. Each of the chromosome at the anaphase stage of a bone marrow cell in our body has

(a) one chromatid

(b) two chromatids

(c) several chromatids

(d) no chromatids

Answer: (a)

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