MCQs on Manures and Fertilizers for NEET

Fertilizers are of synthetic or natural origin that are used for applying on tissues of plants and soil in order to supply essential nutrients for the overall plant growth. Manure, on the other hand is the organic matter obtained majorly from feces of animals, except for green manure that is utilized in agriculture as an organic fertilizer. Manures are known to enhance soil fertility with the addition of nutrients and organic matter. For instance, nitrogen applied as part of this is trapped by soil bacteria used for nitrogen fixation.

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1. Green manure plants are

(a) Poaceae

(b) Solanaceae

(c) Leguminosae

(d) Compositae

Answer: (c)

2. This chemical fertilizer is essential for better rhizobial nitrogen fixation

(a) calcium

(b) potassium

(c) sodium

(d) phosphorus

Answer: (d)

3. Azolla is used as a biofertilizer as it possesses

(a) humus in large quantities

(b) rhizobium

(c) mycorrhiza

(d) cyanobacteria

Answer: (d)

4. Pyrethrin is obtained from

(a) Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium

(b) Azadirachta indica

(c) Urtica dioica

(d) Tagetes erecta

Answer: (a)

5. This is not included in organic farming

(a) crop rotation

(b) chemical fertilizer

(c) green manures

(d) compost and farmyard manures

Answer: (b)

6. Appropriate use of cow dung is made in

(a) medicine

(b) fuel

(c) manure

(d) building/construction material

Answer: (c)

7. In children, this disease is caused due to excess nitrate fertilizers usage

(a) mumps

(b) jaundice

(c) septicemia

(d) methaemoglobinaemia

Answer: (d)

8. For paddy, the best fertilizer is

(a) Bacillus polymyxa

(b) Bacillus megaterium

(c) Azolla pinnata

(d) Rhizobium meliloti

Answer: (c)

9. Composted manure is formed from

(a) farm and household refuse

(b) animal refuse and rotten vegetables

(c) organic wastes from where biogas extraction takes place

(d) green and farmyard manure

Answer: (b)

10. Green manure is

(a) Maize

(b) Rice

(c) Sorghum

(d) Sesbania

Answer: (d)

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