MCQs on Regeneration For NEET 2021

Regeneration is a biological process, wherein some entities replace and restore an amputated or lost body parts. From bacteria to humans, every species is capable of undergoing regeneration. This process can be completed or incomplete recovery of the lost or amputated tissue.

Listed below are a few important MCQs on Regeneration.

1. Repetitive regeneration can be seen in

(a) Molluscs

(b) Tadpole

(c) Hydra

(d) None of these

Answer: (c)

2. The method of asexual reproduction that can be called as a mode of regeneration is

(a) fragmentation

(b) budding

(c) sporulation

(d) binary fission

Answer: (a)

3. Regeneration can be seen in which of the following

(a) Plasmodium

(b) Spongilla

(c) Earthworm

(d) Starfish

Answer: (d)

4. Which of the following organs can be regenerated in Echinodermata?

(a) Eyes

(b) Pedicellariae

(c) Arms and disc

(d)Digestive system

Answer: (c)

5. The damaged leg is not regenerated in______.

(a) Frog

(b) Crab

(c) Salamander

(d) Frog’s tadpole

Answer: (a)

6. The repair by cell division in the damaged tissue is called ______.

(a) Exponential growth

(b) Deaccelerating growth

(c) Epimorphosis regeneration

(d) Morphallaxis regeneration

Answer: (c)

7. Restorative regeneration is _______.

(a) Healing of wounds

(b) Formation of a new entity from a piece of the body of the parent

(c) A regular process in which the dead and worn-out cells of some organs are continuously replaced by new cells

(d) All of these

Answer: (c) 

8. Ability to give rise to a new individual entity from body parts is

(a) Reproduction

(b) Fragmentation

(c) Regeneration

(d) Fission

Answer: (c)

9. Regeneration of a limb or tail is an example of

(a) Epimorphosis

(b) Autotomy

(c) Compensatory hypertrophy

(d) Morphallaxis

Answer: (a)

10. Epimorphosis is regeneration through

(a) The repatterning of existing cells as seen in hydra

(b) The reinitiation of division in existing cells, followed by patterning, as occurs in amphibians such as newts

(c) The repatterning of existing cells as seen in amphibians

(d) The reinitiation of embryonic growth from remaining cells as seen in Hydra

Answer: (b)

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