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MCQs on Genetic Diversity

Genetic diversity refers to the total number of genetic components in the genetic composition of a species. Genetic diversity arises due to the recombination, mutation, random mating and such related activities.

1. Trade name of genetically engineered insulin is

(a) Beta insulin

(b) Humilin

(c) Anulin

(d) Gilbert’s insulin

Answer: (b)

2. What is the consequence of a change in the genetic diversity

(a) results in loss of biological diversity

(b) leads to an increase in the population

(c) results in loss of human species only

(d) causes pollution

Answer: (a)

3. Increasing genetic diversity interprets daughter chromosome contains genes from

(a) None of the parents

(b) Single parent

(c) Both parents

(d) synthesis of own genes

Answer: (c)

4. A phenomenon occurring during prophase I of meiosis is

(a) Mutation

(b) Synapsis

(c) Translation

(d) Crossing over

Answer: (b)

5. Crossing over refers to

(a) thickening of chromosome

(b) change in chromosome

(c) Mutation

(d) exchange of segments between sections of chromosome

Answer: (d)

6. State the way in which increasing species diversity can affect the ecosystem

(a) it does not increase the efficiency and productivity of an ecosystem

(b) it increases only the efficiency and not the productivity of an ecosystem

(c) it increases the productivity and efficiency of an ecosystem

(d) it only increases the productivity of an ecosystem

Answer: (c)

7. Why does genetic diversity have a major role in the adaptability and survival of a species?

(a) any population should remain the same regardless of the outer change in the


(b) Ability of population to adapt to changing environment

(c) Environment remains unchanged even if the population changes

(d) Population inability to adapt to changing environment

Answer: (b)

8. This biodiversity boosts the oxygen availability

(a) Ecosystem diversity

(b) Species diversity

(c) Genetic diversity

(d) Cell diversity

Answer: (a)

9. A country with several different habitat types is said to have a high degree of

(a) Genetic diversity

(b) Species diversity

(c) Biodiversity

(d) Habitat diversity

Answer: (d)

10. This is the importance of species diversity

(a) species interacts with its environment and hence performs some functions

(b) species never interact with the environment

(c) species minimize interaction with its environment and hence performs certain


(d) species does not perform functions though it interacts with the environment

Answer: (a)

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