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MCQs on Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Bacteria are unicellular prokaryotes with the simplest body structure lacking a nucleus. They contain a single chromosome of double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which are found either freely floating or is twisted into a coil. It also composed of thread-like structure known as the nucleoid. When split, these circular frames are known as plasmids. Usually, bacterial cells have cell walls, some do not, such as the mycoplasmas. The relationship between humans and bacteria is complex. They are known to cause some deadly diseases.

1. Diseases caused due to the inflammation of the vermiform appendix of the digestive system is known as ________.

(a) Appendectomy

(b) Appendicitis

(c) Intestinal cancer

(d) Amoebic dysentery


2. Which of the following is a set of bacterial diseases?

(a) Malaria, poliomyelitis, mumps

(b) Mumps, cholera, typhoid

(c) Plague, Leprosy, Diphtheria

(d) Measles, Tuberculosis, Tetanus

Answer: (c)

3. In Ayurveda, the __________disease is called as Vishuchika ?

(a) Chickenpox

(b) Smallpox

(c) Cholera

(d) Diphtheria

Answer: (c)

4. Vibrio cholerae is a motile bacteria, which belong to the group of _______.

(a) Lophotrichous

(b) Peritrichous

(c) Monotrichous

(d) Amphitrichous

Answer: (c)

5. ‘Syphilis’, a sexually transmitted disease is caused by ________.

(a) Vibrio

(b) Leptospira

(c) Treponema pallidum

(d) Pasteurella

Answer: (c)

6. Which of the following is the symptom of Diphtheria?

(a) Bleeding gum

(b) Hydrophobia

(c) Suffocation

(d) Excessive watering

Answer: (c)

7. Widal test is used for the susceptibility of ________.

(a) Typhoid

(b) Cholera

(c) Malaria

(d) Cholera

Answer: (a)

8. Which of the following pathogens causes Tuberculosis _________.

(a) Virus

(b) Bacterium

(c) Protozoan

(d) Malnutrition

Answer: (b)

9. Which of the following pathogens causes cholera in humans?

(a) Fungi

(b) Bacteria

(c) Virus

(d) Protozoan

Answer: (b)

10. Which of the following pathogens causes Leprosy in humans?

(a) Salmonella

(b) Mycobacterium

(c) TMV

(d) Monocystis

Answer: (b)

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