MCQs on Diseases Caused by Protozoa

Protozoans are unicellular eukaryotes with absence of cell walls. These non-phototrophic entities are a diverse collection of species with a shared basic set of attributes. These entities have various intracellular organelles that carry out different functions. There are several protozoans known to cause diseases in humans and animals. For instance, Malaria, is caused by Plasmodium, Trichomonas, causes diseases that are sexually transmitted.

1. African sleeping sickness or Gambiense fever is caused by

(a) Leishmania

(b) Trypanosoma

(c) Entamoeba

(d) Trichomonas

Answer: (b)

2. Tse-tse fly is a vector for sleeping sickness that transmits the infective stage of which of the following parasite

(a) Wuchereria bancrofti

(b) Leishmania donovani

(c) Plasmodium falciparum

(d) Trypanosoma gambiense

Answer: (d)

3. Schuffner’s dots are related to

(a) Entamoeba histolytica

(b) Leucocytes of frog

(c) RBC of man

(d) Epithelium of stomach of mosquito

Answer: (c)

4. “Amoebiasis” or amoebic dysentery is caused by

(a) Trypanosoma histolytica

(b) Entamoeba histolytica

(c) Entamoeba gingivalis

(d) Plasmodium vivax

Answer: (b)

5. Malarial parasites could be best obtained from a patient

(a) when temperature comes to normal

(b) an hour before rise of temperature

(c) few hours after the temperature reaches to normal

(d) when temperature rises with rigor

Answer: (c)

6. “Glossina palpalis” is a vector for

(a) Filariasis

(b) Plague

(c) Dengue

(d) Gambian fever

Answer: (d)

7. An important drug used for the treatment of malaria – Quinine is extracted from

(a) Red ants

(b) Calyx of cinnamon

(c) Brak of tulsi

(d) Brak of Cinchona

Answer: (d)

8. Entamoeba gingivalis found in the buccal cavity of man causes

(a) No disease

(b) Pyrrhoea

(c) Bronchitis

(d) Amoebic dysentery

Answer: (a)

9. “Trypanosomiasis” is transmitted by or carrier of Trypanosoma inn man is

(a) Fruit fly

(b) Tse-tse fly

(c) House fly

(d) May fly

Answer: (b)

10. The malignant tertian malaria is caused by

(a) Plasmodium malariae

(b) Plasmodium ovale

(c) Plasmodium falciparum

(d) Plasmodium vivax

Answer: (c)

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