MCQs on Phylogeny For NEET

Earth is home to millions of species today, some known, some unknown. The evolutionary history of species is given by the Phylogeny. Biochemical and morphological evidence indicate that entities are related genetically. This can be represented in the form of an evolutionary tree referred to as the phylogenetic tree where the genealogical associations of entities are indicated. Phylogeny hence finds its applications in numerical and fundamental streams. Explore some important questions and answers for NEET on Phylogeny here.

1. This phenomena can be induced in those responsible for the horizontal elements of this phylogeny

(a) mitosis

(b) point mutations

(c) S phase of the cell cycle

(d) endosymbiosis

Answer: (d)

2. If cladistics were used to build a phylogenetic tree of cats, this would be the most appropriate outgroup

(a) tiger

(b) leopard

(c) wolf

(d) domestic cat

Answer: (c)

3. To construct a phylogenetic tree in order to apply parsimony, choose

(a) tree with fewest branch points

(b) tree representing fewest evolutionary changes either in morphology or DNA sequences

(c) tree in which branch points are based on as many shared characters possible

(d) tree assuming all evolutionary changes with equal probability

Answer: (b)

4. This is used to know the phylogeny

(a) mRNA

(b) rRNA

(c) DNA

(d) none of these

Answer: (b)

5. On the basis of cladistics, this eukaryotic kingdom is polyphyletic and hence unacceptable

(a) Monera

(b) Protista

(c) Animalia

(d) Fungi

Answer: (b)

6. Possessing four appendages when comparing mammals with birds is

(a) a character used to sort bird species

(b) example of analogy rather than homology

(c) a shared derived character

(d) a shared ancestral character

Answer: (d)

7. Pick the incorrect statement concerning the terminologies of phylogenetics

(a) branches are the lines in the tree

(b) tips of the branches have long lost sequences or species

(c) node indicate inferred ancestor of extant taxa

(d) connecting point joining two adjacent branches is a node

Answer: (b)

8. This is not a vestigial organ in man

(a) coccyx

(b) nails

(c) third molar

(d) homologous

Answer: (b)

9. Pick the incorrect option for the blank

Recent uses of phylogenetic analysis is to analyse ________ in addition to tracing the evolutionary history of specific genes

(a) physical separation methods

(b) proteomes

(c) genomes

(d) gene families

Answer: (a)

10. This is incorrect about the merits of molecular data for Phylogenetics study

(a) sampling bias is involved

(b) with the help of molecular data more robust and clear-cut phylogenetic tree can be constructed

(c) much easier to obtain in comparison to fossil records

(d) more in number compared to fossil records

Answer: (a)

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