MCQs on Bacteriophage

Bacteriophage or phage is a virus infecting bacterial cells. It multiplicates within a bacterial cell. The basic structure of bacteriophage is a genome containing DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat. There are many types of bacteriophages present. They are ubiquitous. They may replicate by lytic or lysogenic cycle. Some common examples include λ phage, T4 page, ΦX174, etc.

1. T. O. Diener discovered

(a) free infectious RNA

(b) bacteriophage

(c) infectious protein

(d) free infectious DNA

Answer: (a)

2. Transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another in the process of transduction is by

(a) conjugation between bacteria of opposite strains

(b) physical contact between donor and recipient

(c) special organ for conjugation

(d) bacteriophages

Answer: (d)

3. Bacteriophages with tail are

(a) motile in water

(b) motile on plant leaves

(c) non-motile

(d) motile on bacterial surface

Answer: (d)

4. Viruses which cause lysis of bacteria are known as

(a) lysogenic

(b) lytic

(c) lipolytic

(d) lysozymes

Answer: (b)

5. Transduction involves

(a) bacteria obtaining DNA from the external environment

(b) bacteria obtaining DNA from the mother cell

(c) transfer of genome by conjugation

(d) transfer of genetic material through virus

Answer: (d)

6. Hershey and Chase proved that DNA is the genetic material. They worked on

(a) bacteriophages

(b) viroid

(c) fungus

(d) bacterium

Answer: (a)

7. Which of the following is used as a vector in genetic engineering?

(a) Bacteriophage

(b) Plasmid

(c) Plasmodium

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Answer: (d)

8. When the viral genome gets inserted into bacterial host it is termed as

(a) replication

(b) lytic cycle

(c) lysogenic cycle

(d) capsid formation

Answer: (c)

9. Which of the following may contain satellite RNAs?

(a) Plant viruses

(b) Bacteriophages

(c) Prions

(d) Viroids

Answer: (a)

10. Transduction is mediated by

(a) F-factors

(b) cosmids

(c) phage vectors

(d) plasmid vectors

Answer: (c)

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