Lipids Questions With Answers

Lipids are energy-rich organic, non-polar molecules. These organic compounds contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms that form a framework for the structure and function of living cells. They are insoluble in water and only soluble in nonpolar solvents as water is a polar molecule. These molecules in the human body can be synthesized in the liver and are typically found in butter, whole milk, oil, cheese, food that is fried and in so,e red meats too.

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1. This molecule acts as molecular chaperones to assist the folding of proteins

(a) Vitamins

(b) Carbohydrates

(c) Amides

(d) Lipids

Answer: (d)

2. Which of these is not a lipid?

(a) Fats

(b) Oils

(c) Proteins

(d) Waxes

Answer: (c)

3. The abundantly distributed enzyme in germinating seeds and adipocytes is

(a) Lipase

(b) Proteases

(c) Cellulase

(d) Nuclease

Answer: (a)

4. Beta-oxidation of fatty acids occurs in

(a) Peroxisome

(b) Peroxisome and Mitochondria

(c) Mitochondria

(d) Peroxisome, Mitochindria and ER

Answer: (C)

5. An example of ____________ is Carnauba wax

(a) Soft wax

(b) Liquid wax

(c) Hard wax

(d) Archaebacterial wax

Answer: (c)

6. In fats, the number of OH groups can be expressed as

(a) Reichert-Meissil number

(b) Polenske number

(c) Iodine number

(d) Acetyl number

Answer: (d)

7. Rancidity of lipids of lipid-rich foodstuff is because of

(a) Reduction of fatty acids

(b) Hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids

(c) Dehydrogenation of saturated fatty acids

(d) Oxidation of fatty acids

Answer: (d)

8. This is an example of derived lipids

(a) Terpenes

(b) Steroids

(c) Carotenoids

(d) All of the above

Answer: (d)

9. The degree of unsaturation of lipids can be measured as

(a) Iodine number

(b) Saponification number

(c) Reichert Meissel number

(d) Polenske number

Answer: (a)

10. The specific gravity of lipid is

(a) 1.5

(b) 1.0

(c) 0.8

(d) 0.2

Answer: (c)


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