MCQs on Polio For NEET

Caused by a virus, the transmission of the Polio virus is through the fecal-oral route, from the infected person’s stool to another’s mouth, or from contaminated hands or such objects. In some other cases, it can spread directly through an oral-to-oral route. For Polio, the incubation period is usually 6-20 days, ranging from 3-35 days. A sample from the infected person’s throat or stool is tested to check the presence of the virus. Solve some important questions on Polio given below.

1. In 1955, the person who invented the Polio vaccine was

(a) Hiram Maxim

(b) Theodore Roosevelt

(c) Jonas Salk

(d) Joseph Stalin

Answer: (c)

2. Pick the correct statement regarding vaccines of Polio

(a) Salk is an inactivated polio vaccine

(b) Sabin is live attenuated polio vaccine

(c) Salk and Sabin are polio vaccines

(d) All the above are correct

Answer: (c)

3. This virus has RNA and DNA both

(a) Herpes Virus

(b) Leuko Virus

(c) Polio virus

(d) Cyanophage

Answer: (b)

4. Which serious ailment does the Poliovirus cause all over the world?

(a) mental retarded ness

(b) brain haemorrhage

(c) paralysis

(d) poliomyelitis

Answer: (d)

5. For the very first time, this virus was synthesized in the form of non-living crystals

(a) Bacteriophage

(b) Tobacco mosaic virus

(c) Flu Virus

(d) Pox virus

Answer: (b)

6. This technique is commonly used for most viral vaccines

(a) Molecular biology

(b) Animal tissues in vitro

(c) Virus like particles (VLPs)

(d) traditional cell culture

Answer: (d)

7. The causative of the disease, Polio is

(a) Fungus

(b) Virus

(c) Bacteria

(d) Toxin

Answer: (b)

8. Interferons curb infection of

(a) cancer

(b) bacteria

(c) fungi

(d) none of the above

Answer: (d)

9. The region where the polio virus multiplies in the body is

(a) intestinal cells

(b) nerve cells

(c) muscle cells

(d) none of the above

Answer: (a)

10. This can eradicate Polio

(a) live polio vaccine

(b) killed polio vaccine

(c) combination of live and killed vaccines

(d) attention to sewage control and hygiene

Answer: (c)

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