MCQs on Pancreas For NEET 2021

Situated in the abdomen, Pancreas are pivotal in food conversion serving as a fuel to the cells of the body. Mainly it has two important functions – endocrine function which checks the blood sugar level and the exocrine function which assists in digestion. It is engirdled by some vital organs of the body such as the spleen, small intestine and liver.

The chief duct of the pancreas links with the common bile duct that supplies the bile from the gallbladder. Together, they associate with the duodenum at a point known as the Vater or the ampulla. At the point, the enzymes of the pancreas and the bile are introduced into the duodenum to assist the digestion process of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

1. Inhibition of gastric secretions is brought about by

(a) GIP

(b) Cholecystokinin

(c) Gastrin

(d) Pancreozymin

Answer: (a)

2. One of the constituents of the pancreatic juice while poured into the duodenum in humans is

(a) trypsin

(b) enterokinase

(c) trypsinogen

(d) chymotrypsin

Answer: (c)

3. Pancreatitis can be produced by the following drug

(a) Ciprofloxacin

(b) Nalidixic acid

(c) Colchicine

(d) L-Asparaginase

Answer: (d)

4. Gasless abdomen in X-ray is a sign of

(a) Ulcerative colitis

(b) Acute pancreatitis

(c) Intussusception

(d) Necrotizing enterocolitis

Answer: (b)

5. This is a major product of chief cells

(a) Mucus

(b) Vitamin B12

(c) Pepsinogen

(d) HCl

Answer: (c)

6. The islets of Langerhans are found in

(a) Stomach

(b) Alimentary canal

(c) Pancreas

(d) Liver

Answer: (c)

7. Secretion of pancreatic juice is triggered by

(a) secretin

(b) enterogastrone

(c) gastrin

(d) enterokinase

Answer: (a)

8. This is a common passage for bile and pancreatic juice

(a) stomach

(b) ampulla

(c) duct of oddi

(d) duct of wirsung

Answer: (b)

9. Pancreas is not

(a) Elongated organ

(b) Compound

(c) Exocrine portion secretes pancreatic juice

(d) Located above duodenum

Answer: (d)

10. This is most diagnostic investigation for acute pancreatitis

(a) Serum LDH

(b) Serum amylase

(c) Serum Lipase

(d) Serum P-isoamylase

Answer: (c)

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