MCQs on Peroxisomes for NEET 2021

The cytoplasm of several cells is composed of tiny organelles, containing the reducing enzyme catalase and typically a few oxidases, which are peroxisomes. These reducing enzymes contained in peroxisomes (as many as 50 different enzymes) are vastly and involved in many metabolic reactions, which cover various facets of energy metabolism. Morphologically, they are similar to lysosomes and are gathered similar to chloroplasts and mitochondria from proteins synthesized on free ribosomes and then are brought into peroxisomes as polypeptide chains that are completed.

Lister below is a few important MCQs on Peroxisomes.

1. Which of the following activities are characteristics of peroxisomes?

I. Catalase activity

II. Possess a glyoxylate cycle

III. Degradation of very long-chain fatty acids

IV. Produce dihydrogen

(a) I and II

(b) I and III

(c) III and IV

(d) II and IV

Answer: (b)

2. Pick the odd one out in the context of their surrounding membrane systems.

(a) Nucleus

(b) Chloroplasts

(c) Mitochondria

(d) Endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: (d)

3. Pick the odd one out.

(a) Mitosomes

(b) Glycosomes

(c)  Mitochondria

(d) Hydrogenosomes

Answer: (a)

4. Which of the following organelle is involved in lipid metabolism?

(a) RER

(b) SER

(c) Peroxisomes

(d) Golgi apparatus

Answer: (b)

5. Which of the following organelle helps in the penetration of sperm into the egg during fertilization?

(a) Peroxisome

(b) nucleus

(c) Lysosome

(d) mitochondrion

Answer: (c)

6. Inside the cell, H2O2 clearance is brought about by______.

(a) Peroxisome with enzyme amino oxidase

(b) Glyoxysome with the enzyme catalase

(c) Peroxisome with the enzyme catalase

(d) Glyoxysome with enzyme isocitrate lyase

Answer: (c)

7. Organelle – Glyoxysomes is involved in _____.

(a) Conversion of fatty acids to lipids

(b) Conversion of amino acids to proteins

(c) Conversion of amino acids to carbohydrates

(d) Conversion of fatty acids to carbohydrates

Answer: (d)

8. _______ forms the crystalline core inside the peroxisome.

(a) Salt crystals

(b) collection of phospholipids

(c) highly condensed oxidative enzymes

(d) Condensed ammonium chloride

Answer: (c)

9. What is the group of proteins in the peroxisomal membrane called?

(a) Peroxins

(b) Transporters

(c) Translocation proteins

(d) Peroxisomal membrane proteins

Answer: (a)

10. Which of the following embedded enzyme in the peroxisomal membrane is involved to in the activation of fatty acids before the beta-oxidation?

(a) Fatty acid dehydrogenase

(b) 3-ketothiolase

(c) Acyl- CoA oxidase

(d) Acyl – CoA synthase

Answer: (d)

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