MCQs on Transduction For NEET

Viruses are used to transfer genetic information from one to another bacterium through the process of transduction. Bacteriophages in the form of viruses are capable of infecting bacterial cells and hence, utilize them as hosts to produce more viruses. Once multiplication is carried out, the viruses gather and eliminate a part of the host cell’s bacterial DNA. There are two kinds of transduction – specialized and generalized. Solve some important questions on transduction for NEET.

1. Through transduction when a recipient bacterial cell picks up bacterial DNA, then

(a) the new DNA replicates every time the recipient undergoes multiplication

(b) the DNA is destroyed

(c) the DNA modifies to match/compliment that of the recipient

(d) the new DNA should enter a new bacteriophage or it is lost

Answer: (a)

2. A specialized transducing phage that attacks an infected cell with lysogenic stage of the same virus produces

(a) HFT

(b) HFR

(c) F

(d) F`

Answer: (a)

3. This is the role undertaken by bacteriophage in transduction

(a) episome

(b) recipient

(c) donor

(d) vector

Answer: (d)

4. The ability of cells to uptake DNA fragments from the surroundings is known as

(a) HFR

(b) Competence

(c) Fecundity

(d) Fitness

Answer: (b)

5. Who discovered Transduction

(a) Iwanowsky

(b) Hayes, Lederberg and Woolman

(c) Griffith

(d) Lederberg and Zinder

Answer: (d)

6. This process involves transferring naked DNA fragments between bacteria

(a) Vectoring

(b) Transformation

(c) Transduction

(d) Conjugation

Answer: (b)

7. This is the virulence of viruses producing bacterial cell after infection if a specialized transducing virus attacks a healthy bacterial cell

(a) Virulence depreciates

(b) Equal virulence seen as the original one

(c) More virulence than the original one observed

(d) No virulence

Answer: (d)

8. It is ___________ when the phage tranduces those bacterial genes only which are adjoining to the prophage in the bacterial chromosome

(a) conjugation

(b) restricted transduction

(c) specialized transduction

(d) generalized transduction

Answer: (b)

9. This is incorrect regarding specialized transduction

(a) observed in lambda phages such as K12

(b) viral genome is incorporated in the bacterial genome

(c) variety of genes can be transformed in this case

(d) lysogenic viruses are capable of performing this

Answer: (c)

10. This virus is used for transduction

(a) Lambda phage

(b) T7 phage

(c) T4 phage

(d) T2 phage

Answer: (a)

These were some MCQs on Transduction for NEET. Learn more on NEET, at BYJU’S.

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