MCQs on Ringworm For NEET

Dermatophytosis or ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin. It is a misnomer as it is not a worm but a fungus that causes the infection. It causes a lesion which resembles the shape of a ring which is where it derives its name from. It can infect animals and humans both. In the initial days, it appears as red patches on the skin and later can spread to other body parts. Typically, it is found in feet, scalp, groin, nails, beard and associated areas.

1. In human beings, fungal infection is known as

(a) Fungosis

(b) Mycosis

(c) Mucorsis

(d) Micromia

Answer: (b)

2. Which of these is not the causal organism for ringworm

(a) Epidermophyton

(b) Microsporum

(c) Macrosporum

(d) Trichophyton

Answer: (c)

3. In Humans, the causative of Ringworm is

(a) bacteria

(b) viruses

(c) nematodes

(d) fungi

Answer: (d)

4. Which is the classification of a group of fungi having septate mycelium wherein sexual reproduction either is unknown or absent?

(a) Basidiomycetes

(b) Ascomycetes

(c) Deuteromycetes

(d) Phycomycetes

Answer: (c)

5. In children, this leads to epidemic ringworm of the scalp

(a) Epidermophyton floccosum

(b) Candida albicans

(c) Trichophyton rubrum

(d) Microsporum audouinii

Answer: (d)

6. In human beings, the fungus that can cause a disease is

(a) Cystopus

(b) Aspergillus

(c) Puccinia

(d) Rhizopus

Answer: (b)

7. Who is honoured with the title of “Father of Modern Mycology”?

(a) Micheli

(b) De Bary

(c) Bawden

(d) Stanley

Answer: (b)

8. What is the ringworm of the scalp called?

(a) onychomycosis

(b) tinea unguium

(c) tinea pedis

(d) tinea capitis

Answer: (d)

9. Appearance of scaly, dry lesions with a sense of itch on different body parts are symptoms of

(a) amoebiasis

(b) ascariasis

(c) ringworm

(d) elephantiasis

Answer: (c)

10. For fungus, the culture media is

(a) Sabouraud’s medium

(b) Chocolate agar medium

(c) NNN Medium

(d) Tellurite medium

Answer: (a)

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