MCQs on Aves

Class Aves is a group of birds under superclass Tetrapoda of Vertebrata. Presence of feathers is a characteristic property of all the birds. They are warm-blooded animals having a four-chambered heart. They contain bony endoskeleton, which is provided with pneumatic bones to assist in flight. They are oviparous and respire by lungs. Connected air sacs help in respiration.

1. A common characteristic of kangaroo, parrot and platypus

(a) Oviparity

(b) Homeothermy

(c) Functional post-anal tail

(d) Jaws without teeth

Answer: (b)

2. It is not a living fossil

(a) Sphenodon

(b) Peripatus

(c) Archaeopteryx

(d) King crab

Answer: (c)

3. Which of the following animals are uricotelic?

(a) Land reptiles, birds and insects

(b) Fish and protozoans

(c) Frogs and toads

(d) Birds and mammals

Answer: (a)

4. The body part, which is absent in birds

(a) Forelimb

(b) Hindlimb

(c) Pectoral girdle

(d) Pelvic girdle

Answer: (a)

5. The long hollow bones and connected air sacs are the characteristic features of

(a) Reptilia

(b) Aves

(c) Mammals

(d) all the vertebrates

Answer: (b)

6. Which of the following bones form the wishbone of birds?

(a) Hindlimbs

(b) Clavicles

(c) Skull

(d) Pelvic girdle

Answer: (b)

7. The soundbox of birds is also known as

(a) synsacrum

(b) pygostyle

(c) syrinx

(d) larynx

Answer: (c)

8. Ostrich, penguin and kiwi are

(a) Four-toed birds

(b) Migratory birds

(c) Running birds

(d) Flightless birds

Answer: (d)

9. Which of the following contains pneumatic bones?

(a) Whale

(b) Shark

(c) Pigeon

(d) Rana

Answer: (c)

10. Birds and mammals do not share this property

(a) Respiration by lungs

(b) Ossified endoskeleton

(c) Homeothermous

(d) Viviparity

Answer: (d)

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