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Plant Taxonomy MCQs for NEET

The science of naming, describing and classifying all living entities including plants is known as Taxonomy. This process of classification is based on behavioural, biochemical and genetic variation. The characterization, classification and identification are the steps in taxonomy. Entities are grouped into similar categories such as Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

1. Which of these is the most advanced phylogenetically among the dicotyledonous families?

(a) Scrophulariaceae

(b) Acanthaceae

(c) Umbelliferae

(d) Compositae

Answer: (d)

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2. The substitute for the newly collected specimen when the original type material is missing in a herbarium is entitled as

(a) Holotype

(b) Neotype

(c) Lectotype

(d) Isotype

Answer: (b)

3. If all the puddles and ponds are destroyed, the entities likely to be destroyed are

(a) Plasmodium

(b) Ascaris

(c) Leishmania

(d) Trypanosoma

Answer: (a)

4. In the five-kingdom system of classification, into which kingdom would you classify nitrogen-fixing organisms and archaea?

(a) Fungi

(b) Plantae

(c) Protista

(d) Monera

Answer: (d)

5. This is considered as a demerit of the ‘Engler and Prantl’ in the system of classification

(a) Gymnosperms are placed between monocotyledons and dicotyledons

(b) Dicotyledons are placed after monocotyledons

(c) Dicotyledons are placed before monocotyledons

(d) Gymnosperms are placed among Dicotyledons

Answer: (b)

6. Phenetic classification is based on

(a) Observable characteristics of existing entities

(b) The ancestral lineage of existing organisms

(c) Dendrograms based on DNA characteristics

(d) Sexual characteristics

Answer: (a)

7. Difference between the natural system of plant classification and artificial system of classification is

(a) Considers only one vegetative character

(b) Considers all the similarities between plants

(c) Considers only one floral character

(d) All of the above

Answer: (b)

8. This system of classification was used by Linnaeus

(a) Phylogenetic system

(b) Natural system

(c) Artificial system

(d) Asexual system

Answer: (c)

9. Pick the right sequence of taxonomic categories

(a) division-class-family-tribe-order-genus-species

(b) division-class-family-order-tribe-genus-species

(c) division-class-order-family-tribe-genus-species

(d) division-order-class-family-genus-tribe-species

Answer: (c)

10. ‘New Systematics’ term was coined by

(a) Linnaeus

(b) Bentham and Hooker

(c) A.P. de Candolle

(d) Juliane Huxley

Answer: (d)

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