MCQs on Fauna For NEET

The naturalist Carl Linnaeus was the first person to use the term “fauna” as a biological term to refer to animals of a particular region or time or both. While fauna is a generic term used to address a list of species of animals from a specific region, it can also be used to address a prehistoric group of animals. Broadly, Fauna is viewed as the base of systematic groups.

1. This is the most important human activity that causes the extinction of wildlife

(a) destruction and alteration of natural habitats

(b) introducing alien species

(c) hunting valuable wildlife products

(d) wildlife pollution

Answer: (a)

2. In India, flamingos migrate in large numbers to nest in this region

(a) the Himalayas

(b) coastal areas

(c) Rann of Kachchh

(d) Thar

Answer: (c)

3. The Pink Headed duck falls under the category of

(a) Rare species

(b) Endemic species

(c) Extinct species

(d) Vulnerable species

Answer: (c)

4. This is an endangered species of the Manipur

(a) Asiatic Buffalo

(b) Blue Sheep

(c) Cattle

(d) Sangai (brow anter deer)

Answer: (d)

5. The Red Data Book gives data on

(a) endangered plants and animals

(b) red coloured fishes

(c) red coloured flowers

(d) lists plants and animals

Answer: (a)

6. Preservation of viable material of endangered species can be done by

(a) Herbarium

(b) Gene pool

(c) Gene library

(d) Gene Bank

Answer: (d)

7. This is the animal symbol of World Wildlife Fund

(a) Giant Panda

(b) Kangaroo

(c) Red Panda

(d) Tiger

Answer: (a)

8. The diversity of our flora and fauna is affected by the threat posed by

(a) increase in levels of pollution

(b) increasing insensitivity to our environment

(c) dearth of water

(d) global warming

Answer: (b)

9. This crisis will be produced first and foremost if half of the forest coverage of the earth is uncovered

(a) the remaining half of the forest maintains the imbalance

(b) there will be an energy crisis

(c) there will be a population increase and ecological imbalance

(d) few species will go extinct

Answer: (d)

10. India belongs to this category in the context of wildlife and natural vegetation

(a) a country lacking in biodiversity e cover

(b) the country with the largest forest cover

(c) the richest wildlife zone in the world

(d) one of the twelve Mega biodiversity countries of the world

Answer: (d)

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