MCQs On Gymnosperm For NEET 2021

Any vascular plant involved in the reproduction through an exposed ovule or seed contrary to the flowering plants or angiosperms is known as Gymnosperms. Seeds of Gymnosperms are supported in cones, visible after maturity only. Gymnosperms are classified into 4 types – Cycadophyta, Ginkgophyta, Gnetophyta and Coniferophyta. Some examples are – Cycas, Araucaria, Juniperus, Pinus, Cedrus, Abies, Thuja, Larix and Picea.

1. ‘Saccus’ term is used for

(a) exine of pollen grains of Pinus

(b) intine of pollen grains of Pinus

(c) Wings of pollen grains of Pinus

(d) Wings of seeds of Pinus

Answer: (c)

2. Flowers and cones are similar because

(a) both assist seed dispersal

(b) both are responsible for attracting insects to pollinate

(c) both are shiny and bright

(d) both are reproductive structures

Answer: (d)

3. An autotrophic, prokaryotic and nitrogen-fixing symbiont is present in

(a) Cicer

(b) Cycas

(c) Sequoia

(d) Pinus

Answer: (b)

4. Pick the pair that is incorrectly matched

(a) Cycas – coralloid roots

(b) Abies – wood tar, wood gas

(c) Pinus – Mycorrhizal roots

(d) Sequoia – Redwood tree

Answer: (b)

5. This serves as a connecting link between the angiosperms and gymnosperms

(a) Gnetales

(b) Coniferales

(c) Ginkgoales

(d) Cycadales

Answer: (a)

6. Though Cycas has an embryo with two cotyledons, it is not grouped under dicotyledonous plants as

(a) ovules are naked

(b) possesses compound leaves

(c) has megasporophyll

(d) resembles a palm tree

Answer: (a)

7. In gymnosperms, the ovules typically are

(a) bitegmic and anatropous

(b) bitegmic and orthotropous

(c) unitegmic and orthotropous

(d) unitegmic and anatropous

Answer: (c)

8. Tallest known gymnosperm is

(a) Pinus

(b) Ginkgo

(c) Sequoia

(d) Ephedra

Answer: (c)

9. Inverted omega-shaped organization of vascular bundles is seen in

(a) cycas root

(b) cycas stem

(c) cycas leaflet

(d) cycas rachis

Answer: (d)

10. Phanerogams without the ovaries are

(a) angiosperms

(b) pteridophytes

(c) gymnosperms

(d) all the above

Answer: (c)

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