Seed Germination MCQs for NEET

Germination is a process observed in plants wherein the seed undergoes changes to grow into a seedling or a young plant. It is the basic process through which various species grow into a plant from a single seed. The process of seed germination has an impact on the yield of crop and quality of crops. One such example is of that we observe during sprouting of seedlings from gymnosperm or angiosperm seeds.

1. A few normal seedlings of tomato were placed in a dark room. After a few days, they were found to have turned white-coloured like albinos. Which of these can be used to describe them?

(a) Defoliated

(b) Etiolated

(c) Embolised

(d) Mutated

Answer: (b)

2. Gibberellins can facilitate seed germination due to their influence on

(a) synthesis of abscisic acid

(b) rate of cell division

(c) production of hydrolyzing enzymes

(d) absorption of water through the hard seed coat

Answer: (c)

3. An enzyme which can stimulate the germination of barley seeds is

(a) Invertase

(b) Lipase

(c) Protease

(d) α-amylase

Answer: (d)

4. During the germination of seeds, the seed coat ruptures due to

(a) massive imbibition of water

(b) differentiation of cotyledons

(c) a sudden increase in cell division

(d) massive glycolysis in cotyledons and endosperm

Answer: (a)

5. The proteinaceous part of maize endosperm is

(a) Peripheral layer

(b) scutellum

(c) Apophysis

(d) Aleurone layer

Answer: (d)

6. One of these gases is required for the germination of pea seeds

(a) nitrogen

(b) oxygen

(c) water vapours

(d) hydrogen

Answer: (b)

7. Seed dormancy allows the plants to

(a) develop healthy seeds

(b) reduce viability

(c) overcome unfavourable climatic conditions

(d) prevent deterioration of seeds

Answer: (c)

8. The protective covering over radical during the germination of seeds is

(a) Coleoptile

(b) Epithelium

(c) Suspensor

(d) Coleorhiza

Answer: (d)

9. Which of these compounds can induce seed dormancy?

(a) Potassium nitrate

(b) ABA

(c) Gibberellins

(d) Ethylene

Answer: (b)

10. An albuminous seed showing hypogeal germination is

(a) bean

(b) castor

(c) gram

(d) maize

Answer: (d)


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