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Pteridophyta Questions With Answers

Pteridophytes are the first true land plants. They do not reproduce through seeds, instead, they reproduce through spores. Furthermore, Pteridophytes can be classified into Lycopodiopsida and Polypodiopsida. They are seedless, vascular cryptogams and show true alternation of generations.

1. In which of the following groups would you place a plant that produces spores, lacks seeds and has vascular tissue?

(a) Bryophyte

(b) Algae

(c) Pteridophyte

(d) Gymnosperm

Answer: (c)

2. In Pteridophytes, the dominant generation is

(a) gametophytic

(b) haploid

(c) diploid

(d) triploid

Answer: (c)

3. Reduction division in pteridophytes occurs in

(a) Prothallus is formed

(b) Gametes are formed

(c) spores are formed

(d) sex organs are formed

Answer: (c)

4. Prothallus represents

(a) sporophytic phase in a fern

(b) gametophytic phase in a fern

(c) sporophytic phase in a gymnosperm

(d) gametophytic phase in a gymnosperm

Answer: (b)

5. Pteridophytes and Bryophytes differ in having

(a) Spermatozoids

(b) Archegonia

(c) Separate gametophytes

(d) conducting system

Answer: (d)

6. Which of the following is deemed to be vital in the development of seed habit?

(a) Heterospory

(b) Dependant sporophyte

(c) Free-living gametophyte

(d) Haplontic life cycle

Answer: (a)

7. Sporophytic and gametophytic phases are independent in

(a) Bryophytes

(b) Pteridophytes

(c) Phaeophytes

(d) Gymnosperms

Answer: (b)

8. ‘Club moss’ belongs to

(a) Fungi

(b) Algae

(c) Bryophyta

(d) Pteridophyta

Answer: (d)

9. Phloem is without ___________ in pteridophytes

(a) Bast fibres

(b) Companion cells

(c) Phloem parenchyma

(d) sieve cells

Answer: (b)

10. This group does not have seeds but has vascular tissues and produces spores

(a) Pteridophyta

(b) Bryophyta

(c) Angiosperms

(d) Gymnosperms

Answer: (a)

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