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MCQs on Thyroid Gland

One of the largest endocrine glands, the thyroid gland is a ductless endocrine gland, located at the anterior portion of the neck. It somewhat resembles the shape of a butterfly. Primarily, the function of the thyroid gland is to secrete the T3 hormone (Triiodothyronine ) and T4 hormone (Thyroxine hormone).

1. The main hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland

(a) T4

(b) T3

(c) (a) and (b) Both

(d) TSH

Answer: (C)

2. Iodine deficiency can cause

(a) Goitre

(b) Thyroid cancer

(c) Solitary thyroid nodules

(d) Thyroiditis

Answer: (a)

3. Grave’s disease or Basedow’s disease is due to

(a) Hyperactivity of adrenal cortex

(b) Hypoactivity of the thyroid gland

(c) Hyperactivity of thyroid gland

(d) Hypoactivity of islets of Langerhans

Answer: (c)

4. The four small glands in the thyroid gland are known as

(a) Adrenal gland

(b) Pineal gland

(c) Parathyroid gland

(d) Endocrine and exocrine gland

Answer: (c)

5. Sometimes, the thyroid symptoms are mistaken for which condition?

(a) Menopause

(b) Posttraumatic stress

(c) Pregnancy

(d) Crohn’s disease

Answer: (a)

6. Medications for hypothyroidism include treatment that:

(a) Replaces insulin

(b) Replaces ADH

(c) Replaces TH

(d) Replaces surfactant

Answer: (c)

7. Which of these diseases is not related to thyroid glands?

(a) Cretinism

(b) Myxoedema

(c) Goitre

(d) Acromegaly

Answer: (d)

8. In chronically deficient patients, this abnormality is directly related to the enlargement of the thyroid gland

(a) Impaired conversion of T3 and T4

(b) Reduced activity of thyroperoxidase

(c) Elevated levels of TSH

(d) An antibody that binds to the TSH receptor in the thyroid gland

Answer: (c)

9. ____________ encloses thyroid, responsible for its movement during swallowing

(a) Prevertebral fascia

(b) Pretracheal fascia

(c) Investing layer of the deep cervical fascia

(d) Superficial fascia

Answer: (b)

10. This condition of chronic inflammation of the thyroid leading to under-activity is

(a) Thyroiditis

(b) Goitre

(c) Hypothyroidism

(d) Hyperthyroidism

Answer: (a)

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