MCQs on Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance

Gregor Johann Mendel is known as a “Father of modern genetics” for his pioneering work in the field of genetics. He gave three laws of inheritance, viz. Law of dominance, Law of segregation and Law of independent assortment. He conducted his experiment on garden pea plants having contrasting characteristics. He performed self-pollination and cross-pollination to understand the inheritance patterns of traits.

1. After cross-fertilization of true-breeding tall and dwarf plants, the F1 generation was self-fertilized. The resultant plants have genotype in the ratio

(a) 1:2:1 (homozygous tall : heterozygous tall : dwarf)

(b) 1:2:1 (heterozygous tall : homozygous tall : dwarf)

(c) 3:1 (tall : dwarf)

(d) 3:1 (dwarf : tall)

Answer: (a)

2. Which of the following characteristics of pea plants was not used by Mendel in his experiments?

(a) seed colour

(b) seed shape

(c) pod length

(d) flower position

Answer: (c)

3. Mendel took _______ contrasting characteristics of pea plants.

(a) eight

(b) seven

(c) six

(d) five

Answer: (b)

4. If both genotype and phenotype shows the same ratios of 1:2:1 in the F2 generation, it shows

(a) incomplete dominance in monohybrid cross

(b) complete dominance in monohybrid cross

(c) dihybrid cross

(d) co-dominance

Answer: (a)

5. Test cross determines

(a) whether two traits are linked or not

(b) the genotype of F2 plant

(c) whether the two species will breed successfully or not

(d) number of alleles in a gene

Answer: (b)

6. Genotype of dominant plant can be determined by

(a) pedigree analysis

(b) back cross

(c) test cross

(d) dihybrid cross

Answer: (c)

7. Test cross is a

(a) cross between two recessive homozygotes

(b) cross between dominant homozygote and heterozygote

(c) cross between two F1 hybrids

(d) cross between an F1 hybrid and recessive homozygote

Answer: (d)

8. Lack of independent assortment of two genes is due to

(a) recombination

(b) crossing over

(c) linkage

(d) repulsion

Answer: (c)

9. The cross where the sources of gametes are reversed is called

(a) reciprocal cross

(b) reverse cross

(c) dihybrid cross

(d) test cross

Answer: (a)

10. The genes for the seven characters chosen by Mendel are located on

(a) four chromosomes

(b) five chromosomes

(c) six chromosomes

(d) seven chromosomes

Answer: (a)

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