MCQs on Invertebrates

Invertebrates are animals, which do not have a vertebral column or backbone. All the animals except for the phylum Vertebrata are invertebrates. Phylum Urochordata and Cephalochordata are closely related to vertebrates. They may be symmetric or asymmetric, with or without true coelom. Invertebrates include all the animals from the phylum Porifera to Echinodermata, Hemichordata, Tunicata and Cephalochordata.

1. Flagellated cells, which line the spongocoel in Poriferans are known as

(a) ostia

(b) mesenchymal cells

(c) choanocytes

(d) oscula

Answer: (c)

2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the phylum Arthropoda?

(a) Metameric segmentation

(b) Jointed appendages

(c) Chitinous exoskeleton

(d) Parapodia

Answer: (d)

3. This is an example of bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic animal

(a) cnidarians

(b) sponges

(c) ctenophores

(d) round worms

Answer: (d)

4. Phylum Annelida is not characterized by

(a) segmentation

(b) closed circulatory system

(c) ventral nerve chord

(d) pseudocoelom

Answer: (d)

5. Which of the following contains notochord in the embryonic stage?

(a) Non-chordates

(b) Vertebrates

(c) All chordates

(d) Some of the chordates

Answer: (c)

6. A characteristic feature, which is present only in the phylum Coelenterata is

(a) nematocysts

(b) flame cells

(c) hermaphroditism

(d) polymorphism

Answer: (a)

7. Cnidarians, which exhibit only polyp stage

(a) Cubozoa

(b) Scyphozoa

(c) Anthozoa

(d) Hydrozoa

Answer: (c)

8. Excretion is performed by _______ in flatworms.

(a) protonephridia

(b) flame cells

(c) green glands

(d) malpighian tubules

Answer: (b)

9. The group of molluscs, which possess eyes similar to vertebrates

(a) bivalvia

(b) gastropoda

(c) cephalopoda

(d) pelecypoda

Answer: (c)

10. Tube feet are found in

(a) cuttlefish

(b) crayfish

(c) jellyfish

(d) starfish

Answer: (d)

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