MCQs on Epithelial Tissue

Epithelial tissues are present as the outer covering of the skin and epithelium also lines the body cavities such as respiratory tract, digestive tract, etc. They perform various functions such as absorption, protection and secretion. There are mainly three types of epithelial cells: squamous, cuboidal and columnar.

1. Find the correct match

(a) The moist surface of the buccal cavity has glandular epithelium

(b) The tubular parts of nephrons have cuboidal epithelium

(c) The inner surface of bronchioles have squamous epithelium

(d) The inner lining of salivary ducts have ciliated epithelium

2. The ciliated columnar epithelium is present in

(a) bronchioles and Fallopian tube

(b) bile duct and oesophagus

(c) Fallopian tube and urethra

(d) Eustachian tube and stomach lining

3. Which types of cells line blood vessels?

(a) columnar epithelium

(b) smooth muscle tissue

(c) connective tissue

(d) squamous epithelium

4. Gap, tight and adhering junctions are found in

(a) epithelial tissue

(b) connective tissue

(c) muscular tissue

(d) neural tissue

5. Which types of epithelial cells form Stratum germinativum?

(a) cuboidal

(b) ciliated

(c) columnar

(d) squamous

6. An epithelial tissue having thin flat and closely packed cells that are arranged edge to edge are found in

(a) the inner lining of cheeks

(b) the inner lining of the stomach

(c) the inner lining of the fallopian tube

(d) the outer surface of the ovary

7. Which of the following layer has actively dividing cells?

(a) stratum lucidum

(b) stratum corneum

(c) stratum compactum

(d) stratum malpighi

8. Tissue having very less or no intercellular matrix is

(a) epithelial

(b) connective

(c) cardiac

(d) muscular

9. The inner lining of the vagina, urethra and oesophagus is made up of

(a) Columnar epithelium

(b) Stratified squamous epithelium

(c) Squamous epithelium

(d) Ciliated epithelium

10. Simple cuboidal epithelium is found in

(a) Thin bronchioles

(b) Choroid of eye

(c) Sweat gland

(d) All of the above


1. (b) 2. (a) 3. (d) 4. (a) 5. (c)
6. (a) 7. (d) 8. (a) 9. (b) 10. (d)

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