Blood Groups MCQ for NEET 2023

A blood group or blood type is a blood-classification, categorized on the basis of presence and absence of antibodies and inherited antigenic particles on the surface of RBCs.

Important MCQs for NEET Biology:

1. In the ABO system, blood group ‘O’ is characterized by the:

(a) presence of antigen O

(b) presence of both antigen A and antigen B

(c) absence of both antigen A and antigen B

(d) presence of antigen A and absence of antigen B

Answer: (c)

2. Antiserum is

(a) blood serum containing specific antibodies

(b) blood serum containing specific antigens

(c) blood serum containing a mixture of antigens and antibodies

(d) blood serum in which antigens and antibodies are both absent

Answer: (a)

3. A false positive result is best described as one that is given

(a) by a substance other than that being tested for

(b) when the substance being tested for is present in large amounts

(c) when substance being tested for is present in minute quantities

(d) when substance being tested for is absent

Answer: (a)

4. Which antibodies are found in the plasma of a person with type A blood?

(a) anti-A, but not anti B

(b) neither anti-A nor anti B

(c) both anti-A and anti B

(d) anti-B, but not anti-A

Answer: (d)

5. Under this circumstance, an antigen-antibody reaction will occur. A person with

(a) Type A blood is given type O blood

(b) Type AB blood is given type O blood

(c) Type O blood is given type A blood

(d) Type AB blood is given type B blood

Answer: (c)

6. When typing blood, a positive reaction

(a) shows which antigens are present

(b) shows clumping

(c) helps deduce which blood type the sample is

(d) all of the above

Answer: (d)

7. If a blood type ends in + (positive) that means

(a) your attitude is positive

(b) you are positive for an Rh protein

(c) you are positive you know your blood type

(d) + sign at the end is insignificant

Answer: (b)

8. In the context of the ABO blood group, a transfusion of AB blood may be given to a person who has blood type

(a) A

(b) O

(c) B

(d) AB

Answer: (d)

9. Human blood types in the ABO blood group are identified by

(a) clotting factors in plasma

(b) microscopic examination of white blood cells

(c) antigen-antibody reactions

(d) series of enzyme controlled reactions

Answer: (c)

10. Red blood cells that do not contain either A or B antigens on their surface are normally found in the person with blood type

(a) A

(b) O

(c) B

(d) AB

Answer: (b)

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