How Can I Score 340 In The NEET 2020 Biology?

Every medical aspirant aims to perform exceedingly well in Biology as Biology accounts for the maximum in the NEET UG paper and with smart work, one can easily score 50% of marks through biology alone.

Here is a list of things which you can follow to score 340+

  • NCERT books are the bible for NEET aspirants as questions are directly asked from NCERT.
  • Focus on important topics, do not have to worry about the less important concepts. Apart from NCERT, stick to notes/modules from a single source initially. You can always refer to additional information
  • If you can, make notes of your own on topics you have difficulty learning/understanding. This way you can strategize your tactics for topics difficult to understand
  • In the last 2 months, revise NCERT books every day without fail for all sections.
  • Practice from previous years’ papers/mock test/ sample papers. Maintain a different copy, answer your questions there. For the questions you couldn’t answer, make note of it and revise it thoroughly, especially in the last few days.
  • To score high, understand
  • Many questions appear from animal and plant physiology, hence pay extra attention to such topics
  • Revisions must be done every day without fail.
  • Lastly, taking stress can worsen and create turbulence in your preparation. Just be confident with your preparation, believe in hard work and strive to do your best.

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