The Last Minute Guide to NEET 2022 Biology

Biology is one of the most important subjects for NEET. Many of the questions asked from Biology are founded on elementary concepts of NCERT. As both botany and zoology carry equal marks, both must be prioritized.

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NEET 2022 – Biology Important Areas And Their Weightage

From the evaluation and analysis of previous trends, it has been put forward that the level of difficulty for biology has been amplified in current years because of increasing competition. The areas carrying decent weightage are – the Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Plant Physiology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Biomolecules, Ecology, and Biotechnology.

NEET Biology Expected Number of Questions – Chapterwise

Class 11 Chapter Expected number of questions
Living world 1
Biological classification 3
Plant Kingdom 3
Morphology of flowering plants 5
Anatomy of flowering plants 2
Cell- The unit of life 3
Cell cycle and cell division 1
Phototsynthesis in Higher Plants 8
Animal Kingdom 2
Structural organization in animals 2
Excretory products and their elimination 18
Class 12 Chapter Expected number of questions 
Reproduction in organisms 1
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants 4
Principles of Inheritance and variance 5
Molecular basis of inheritance 5
Microbes in human welfare 2
Strategies for enhancement in food production 1
Organisms and population 2
Ecosystem 3
Biodiversity and conservation 2
Environmental issues 2
Human reproduction 3
Reproductive health 1
Evolution 3
Human health and disease 2
Biomolecules 1
Biotechnology principles and process 2
Biotechnology and its application 2

NEET 2020 Botany: Topic-wise No. Of Questions Appeared

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Plant Physiology 3 2 4
Cell and cell cycle 1 1 4
Structural organization of plants 3 0 2
Diversity of Life 1 3 1
Class 12 Genetics 2 1 4
Ecology 2 2 3
Biology in Human welfare 0 1 1
Reproduction and sexual reproduction 1 1 0
Total Questions 43

NEET 2020 Zoology: Topic-wise No. Of Questions Appeared

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Human Physiology 1 7 4
Biomolecules 3 2 1
Animal Kingdom 2 2 1
Structural organization of animals 1 0 1
Class 12 Animal husbandry and Biotechnology 3 4 3
Human Reproduction and reproductive health 0 2 2
Evolutions theories and evidences 3 0 1
Human Health and diseases 0 3 1
Total Questions 47

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Biology Preparation Assistance

  • Brush through the topic before learning it in the classroom.
  • With the intention of achieving a good level of groundwork, you must continue reading your biology curriculum on a daily basis.
  • Be sure of learning from NCERT Books For NEET. As many questions are diagram-based, do a run-through of the diagrams of NCERT.
  • Crack all the samples given in NCERT. In pre-medical examinations, some complex questions appear in which the connotation and theory of the problem are altered by swapping few of the words.
  • The candidate should be acquainted with the weightage assigned to all the units so that he/she can study in view of that. The chapters with high weightage should be devoted more time.
  • The topics having good weightage are – Plant Diversity, Genetics and biotechnology, Ecology, Plant reproduction, Plant physiology, Cell Biology and cell division, Animal diversity, the Human Physiology, Human reproduction and reproductive health, Origin and evolution. Prioritize these. However, other chapters should not be ignored to get a decent NEET score.
  • Topics like Plantae and Animalia are slightly confusing. Phylum non-chordata and class levels upto chordate also require regular exercise and review.
  • To emphasize important points, use markers.
  • Attempt to crack online exams because this will aid you to keep track of your time.
  • Consume a lot of water.
  • Get adequate sleep.

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