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Male Reproductive System MCQ for NEET 2022

The reproductive system of a male has reproductive structures (genitals) present both outside the pelvis and inside. Some male reproductive structures are as follows – the duct system, the accessory glands, testicles. The testicles occur in a pair, oval-shaped, known as the testes. After attaining sexual maturity, a man can store millions of small sperm cells.

1. The elastic tissue which connects the cauda epididymis to the scrotal sac is

(a) Caput epididymis

(b) Scrotal ligament

(c) Gubernaculum

(d) Tendinous cord

Answer: (c)

2. By the contraction of the spermatic cord, the testis of man are not taken to the abdominal cavity due to this structure

(a) fat bodies and gubernaculum present over the testis

(b) attachment of testis by gubernaculum to the scrotal sac only

(c) narrowness of inguinal canal

(d) both (b) and (c)

Answer: (b)

3. The seminiferous tubules of the testis are lined by the germinal epithelium consisting of

(a) spermatids

(b) cells of Sertoli

(c) spermatogonium

(d) spermatocytes

Answer: (b)

4. These cells of the testes secrete testosterone

(a) Sertoli cells

(b) cells of germinal epithelium

(c) Cells of Leydig or interstitial cells

(d) secondary spermatocytes

Answer: (c)

5. There is a connective tissue cord extending between the testis and abdominal wall known as

(a) mesenteric cord

(b) gubernaculum

(c) testis cord

(d) spermatic cord

Answer: (d)

6. Which of these is an accessory reproductive gland in male mammals

(a) Inguinal gland

(b) Prostate gland

(c) Mushroom-shaped gland

(d) Gastric gland

Answer: (b)

7. There are some special types of cells present in the seminiferous tubules known as Sertoli cells which are

(a) somatic cells

(b) germinal cells

(c) protective cells

(d) reproductive cells

Answer: (c)

8. Seminiferous tubules develop central lumen after

(a) Old age

(b) Prepuberal time

(c) Birth

(d) Puberty

Answer: (d)

9. Another name for Bulbourethral gland is

(a) Meibomian gland

(b) Prostate gland

(c) Perineal gland

(d) Cowper’s gland

Answer: (d)

10. In man, Cryptorchidism is the condition when

(a) testes do not descent into the scrotum

(b) there are two testes in each scrotum

(c) testis degenerates in the scrotum

(d) testis enlarges in the scrotum

Answer: (a)

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