MCQs on Vermiculture for NEET

Earthworms are made used to prepare enriched compost. They take in biomass to excrete worm-casts, which is a blackish gold appearing digested form of food. Some of the composting material that is commonly used are kitchen wastes, animal excreta, forest litter and farm residues. Red earthworm or Eisenia foetida, is a species of earthworm that feeds on the surface and converts organic matter into vermicompost.

1. For vermicomposting, this species of earthworm is not apt

(a) Perionyx excavatus

(b) Pheretima posthuma

(c) Eudrilus eugeniae

(d) Eisenia fetidae

Answer: (b)

2. The process in which earthworms are used to degrade organic wastes is

(a) Compost bedding

(b) Humus forming

(c) Vermicomposting

(d) None

Answer: (c)

3. Kitchen wastes and animal excreta can be minimized most profitably via

(a) vermiculture

(b) biogas production

(c) direct usage as biofertilizers

(d) storing in underground storage tanks

Answer: (b)

4. The process of covering spawned compost with a suitable material is known as

(a) cropping

(b) casing

(c) spawning

(d) composting

Answer: (b)

5. While burrowing, the anterior ends of earthworms become turgid serving as a hydraulic skeleton though they do not possess a skeleton. This is as a result of

(a) setae

(b) gut peristalsis

(c) coelomic fluid

(d) none of the above

Answer: (c)

6. This is apt for vermicomposting

(a) Algae

(b) Nitrifying bacteria

(c) Earthworms

(d) Fungus

Answer: (c)

7. Vermicompost is a/an

(a) toxic material

(b) organic biofertilizer

(c) inorganic fertilizer

(d) synthetic fertilizer

Answer: (b)

8. This can be the best worm for composting

(a) pink worms

(b) red wigglers

(c) maggots

(d) does not matter

Answer: (b)

9. In earthworms, typhlosome is a

(a) excretory structure

(b) a circulatory system structure

(c) fold of intestine

(d) defence mechanism

Answer: (c)

10. Which of the following nutrients is abundantly found in worm castings?

(a) Phosphorus

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Calcium and other minerals

(d) All of these

Answer: (d)

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