MCQs on Dialysis For NEET

With the help of a machine, blood can be filtered and purified, it is known as dialysis. It assists in maintaining balance in electrolytes and fluids when the kidney fails to perform and carry out its function. This process of dialysis has been in use since 1940 for the treatment of kidney related disorders. Dialysis can be of two types – Peritoneal dialysis and Haemodialysis.

1. The mineral that must be consumed in limited quantities by those undertaking Dialysis is

(a) Mo

(b) Zn

(c) Fe

(d) K

Answer: (d)

2. Apart from the conventional use, Dialysis can also be used in scenarios of

(a) blood transfusions

(b) acute poisoning

(c) low blood pressure

(d) extreme fever

Answer: (b)

3. This can be a side effect of haemodialysis

(a) Nausea

(b) Weakness

(c) Cramps

(d) All of these

Answer: (d)

4. _________ is the access for treatment that is used in Peritoneal dialysis

(a) Graft

(b) Fistula

(c) Catheter

(d) Dialysis machine

Answer: (c)

5. This is the correct definition for Dialysis

(a) Stomach is implanted

(b) Waste materials are eliminated

(c) Substitution of liver enzymes

(d) Increase in the pumping of heart

Answer: (b)

6. This is the chief principle of Dialysis

(a) Capillary action

(b) Adhesion

(c) Reverse – osmosis

(d) Cohesion

Answer: (c)

7. Immunosuppressant drugs are consumed with

(a) major viruses

(b) peritoneal dialysis

(c) kidney transplant

(d) hemodialysis

Answer: (c)

8. The space near the gut as per the kidney dialysis is known as

(a) renal cavity

(b) vertebral cavity

(c) abdominal cavity

(d) peritoneal cavity

Answer: (d)

9. What is the composition of the membrane that is used in Dialysis?

(a) Chitin

(b) Polyethylene

(c) Polyvinyl chloride

(d) Cellulose

Answer: (d)

10. This part serves as a kidney in Dialysis

(a) Hemolyzer

(b) Kidneylyzer

(c) Nephrolyzer

(d) Dialyzer

Answer: (d)

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