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Haemophilia MCQs for NEET

Haemophilia is a hereditary condition which is characterized by the inability of the blood to clot properly along with uncontrollable bleeding, massive internal bleeding (haemorrhaging). Here, a minor cut or even the smallest of injury can lead to severe bleeding. This disorder is one amongst the many X-linked recessive inherited genetic disorders, wherein the gene that causes the disorder is found to be present on the X-chromosome.

1. Haemophilia is caused by

(a) Bacteria

(b) Virus

(c) Genetic mutation

(d) Cause unknown

Answer: (c)

2. This is a complication of haemophilia

(a) Bleeding in the head

(b) joint swelling

(c) death

(d) all of these

Answer: (d)

3. In patients with haemophilia, which of these can increase the risk of cerebral microbleeds?

(a) cardiovascular risk factors

(b) increased age

(c) Hepatitis C infection

(d) all of these

Answer: (d)

4. This disease falls under the same category as colourblindness in man

(a) Presbyopia

(b) Night blindness

(c) Diabetes insipidus

(d) Haemophilia

Answer: (d)

5. This is ineffective against antibiotics

(a) bacterial infected gonorrhoea

(b) bacterial infected wound

(c) haemophilia

(d) bacterial infected throat

Answer: (c)

6. This lacks in patients with haemophilia A

(a) X chromosome

(b) Calcium

(c) Antihemophilic factor

(d) Plasma thromboplastin

Answer: (c)

7. Rarely females experience the physiological defect of haemophilia as they do so only when they are

(a) carrier for the defect

(b) wives of haemophilic husbands

(c) homozygous for the defect

(d) heterozygous for the defect

Answer: (c)

8. Haemophilia is

(a) X – linked

(b) Y – linked

(c) Z – linked

(d) Autosomal

Answer: (a)

9. Haemophilia is as a result of a lack of

(a) STH

(b) ADH

(c) AHF

(d) ACTH

Answer: (c)

10. The reason why haemophilia is more commonly observed in human males than in females is due to

(a) the disease is due to Y-linked recessive mutation

(b) the disease is due to X-linked recessive mutation

(c) as a huge population of girls die in infancy

(d) the disease is due to X-linked dominant mutation

Answer: (b)

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