MCQs on Sex determination For NEET

Determination of sex is more complicated than you thought. It describes the environmental and genetic phenomena which impact sex differentiation. This technique makes use of different genes and mechanisms to lay down activities in females and males regulating a shared gene switch. It controls the development of sexual behaviour.

1. In an entity with genetic composition AA+XXY such as Drosophila will be a normal female. In the case of mammals, it will be?

(a) Turner

(b) Klinefelter

(c) Normal female

(d) Normal male

Answer: (b)

2. ______________ discovered XY sex chromosomes

(a) M J D White

(b) Nettil Stevans

(c) R Brown

(d) Mendel

Answer: (b)

3. In this plant, sex determination was first studied

(a) Mirabilis

(b) Melandrium

(c) Datura

(d) Rumex

Answer: (b)

4. This technique can be used to detect the chromosomal abnormality of an unborn baby

(a) Tissue culture

(b) Ultrasound

(c) CAT Scanning

(d) Amniocentesis

Answer: (d)

5. A foetus’ determination of gender is dependent on

(a) mother’s age

(b) father’s health

(c) egg’s nature

(d) sperm’s nature

Answer: (d)

6. This number of Barr bodies are found in a female with XXXX chromosomes

(a) Four

(b) Three

(c) Two

(d) One

Answer: (b)

7. If a boy has sexual characters of that of a girl, its genotype would be

(a) XYY

(b) XO

(c) XXY

(d) XXX

Answer: (c)

8. Theory of linkage was put forward by

(a) De Vries

(b) Sutton

(c) Bateson and Punnet

(d) Morgan

Answer: (d)

9. The chromosomes accounted for sex determination are referred to as

(a) Heterosis

(b) Multiple alleles

(c) Allosomes

(d) Autosomes

Answer: (c)

10. The condition of Free martin is observed in

(a) Frog

(b) Rabbit

(c) Goat/sheep etc

(d) Man

Answer: (c)

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