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MCQs on Prions For NEET

A type of protein, prions cause diseases in humans by animals through activation of normal healthy proteins in the human to abnormally fold. Explore important MCQs on Prions given below.

1. Neurodegenerative diseases such as mad cow and Kuru diseases are caused by infectious particles known as

(a) coronavirus

(b) viroids

(c) retrovirus

(d) prions

Answer: (d)

2. This is not a prion disease

(a) Scrapie

(b) Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

(c) Lewy body dementia

(d) Creutzfeldt Jakob disease

Answer: (c)

3. In human cells, this is the first virus to be cultured

(a) HIV

(b) Influenza virus

(c) Dengue virus

(d) Polio virus

Answer: (d)

4. What causes scrapie in sheep?

(a) Proteins

(b) Viroid

(c) Prion

(d) Virion

Answer: (c)

5. ___________ is a protein having partial with no detachable nucleic acid

(a) Proteins

(b) Viroid

(c) Prions

(d) Virion

Answer: (c)

6. _____________ are the naked RNA strands infecting plants

(a) prions

(b) RNA viruses

(c) viroids

(d) retroviruses

Answer: (c)

7. What is the other name for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy?

(a) Kuru disease

(b) Mad cow disease

(c) Mad dog disease

(d) Sheep’s disease

Answer: (b)

8. What is the latent viral DNA contained in the host DNA referred to as?

(a) invader

(b) prion

(c) prophage

(d) viroid

Answer: (c)

9. In sheep, this disease characterizes pneumonia and demyelination

(a) Scrapie

(b) Measles

(c) Pneumonia

(d) Visna

Answer: (d)

10. Lack of coordination and muscle twitching in a disease takes place due to this prion

(a) Tetanus

(b) Cancer

(c) Kuru disease

(d) Marasmus

Answer: (c)

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