Skeletal Tissue Questions With Answers

One of the three types of major muscles is skeletal muscles other than smooth and cardiac muscles. It is a striated tissue, voluntary in nature. Most of these muscles are found attached to the tendons. These muscles are found between bones using tendons to associate the epimysium to the periosteum of the bone.

1. Tendons and ligaments are

(a) muscular tissue

(b) connective tissue

(c) skeletal tissue

(d) fibrous connective tissue

Answer: (d)

2. Skeletal muscle bundles are held together by a common connective tissue layer known as

(a) Fascia

(b) Perimysium

(c) Aponeurosis

(d) endomysium

Answer: (a)

3. Composition of bone marrow is

(a) adipose and areolar tissue

(b) adipose, areolar tissue and blood

(c) adipose tissue

(d) adipose tissue and fibroblasts

Answer: (b)

4. The formation of erythrocytes in foetus takes place in

(a) red bone marrow

(b) sarcoplasm

(c) liver and spleen

(d) blood

Answer: (c)

5. Nasal septum gets damaged. Its recovery requires cartilage known as

(a) elastic cartilage

(b) fibrous cartilage

(c) calcified cartilage

(d) hyaline cartilage

Answer: (d)

6. Membrane that surrounds the bone is known as

(a) pericardium

(b) periosteum

(c) perichondrium

(d) endosteum

Answer: (b)

7. Mammalian pinna is supported by

(a) elastic cartilage

(b) hyaline cartilage

(c) white fibrous connective tissue

(d) calcified cartilage

Answer: (a)

8. Hyaline cartilage does not have

(a) blood capillaries

(b) cells

(c) lacunae

(d) fibers

Answer: (d)

9. Major inorganic components of vertebrate bone is

(a) potassium hydroxide

(b) calcium phosphate

(c) calcium carbonate

(d) none of the above

Answer: (b)

10. Haversian canals occur in

(a) humerus

(b) scapula

(c) pubis

(d) clavicle

Answer: (a)

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