MCQs on Coelom

The cavity between the body wall and the gut wall is known as a true coelom. It is a characteristic feature of metazoans. Coelom has a mesodermal lining. Coelom is one of the differentiating features of different groups of animals. On the basis of formation, coelom is of two types; schizocoelom and enterocoelom.

1. Find the correct match

(a) Molluscs – acoelomate

(b) Platyhelminthes – coelomate

(c) Aschelminthes – pseudocoelomate

(d) Insects – pseudocoelomate

2. The fluid that comes out of earthworm while piercing it (without damaging its gut) is

(a) slimy mucous

(b) excretory fluid

(c) hemolymph

(d) coelomic fluid

3. Which of the following is not true about Annelida?

(a) Ventral nerve cord

(b) Closed circulatory system

(c) Segmentation

(d) Pseudocoelom

4. How platyhelminthes differ from annelids?

(a) bilateral symmetry

(b) pseudocoel

(c) body cavity is absent

(d) none of the above

5. Where does true coelom present in the body?

(a) between mesoderm and endoderm (body wall)

(b) between body wall and ectoderm

(c) mesoderm and ectoderm

(d) ectoderm and endoderm

6. The body cavity found in echinoderms and chordates is

(a) haemocoel

(b) enterocoelom

(c) pseudocoelom

(d) schizocoelom

7. Which of the following develops into pseudocoelom?

(a) Archenteron

(b) Blastocoel

(c) Embryonic mesoderm

(d) Blastopore lip

8. Which of the following has haemocoel?

(a) Earthworm

(b) Hydra

(c) Cockroach

(d) Nereis

9. Common characteristics of coelenterates and sponges are

(a) triploblastic and pseudocoelomate

(b) triploblastic and acoelomate

(c) diploblastic and acoelomate

(d) monoblastic and acoelomate

10. The characteristic feature of Ascaris is

(a) pseudocoelom and no metamerism

(b) true coelom and no metamerism

(c) pseudocoelom and metamerism

(d) true coelom and metamerism


1. (c) 2. (d) 3. (d) 4. (b) 5. (a)
6. (b) 7. (b) 8. (c) 9. (c) 10. (a)

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