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MCQs on Cell Cycle Phases

The cell cycle is a series of events taking place inside the cells to give rise to daughter cells through the division of the cytoplasm and nucleus of the cell. The cell goes through 4 major stages which is commonly known as the cell cycle phases. The 4 phases of cell cycle are – the G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase and the M phase.

1. The division of cytoplasm is known as

(a) Mitosis

(b) Synapsis

(c) Cytokinesis

(d) Karyokinesis

Answer: (c)

2. The stage in which chromosomes align on the equator of spindle fiber is

(a) Telophase

(b) Anaphase

(c) Metaphase

(d) Prophase

Answer: (c)

3. The best stage at which the total number of chromosomes can be counted in any species is

(a) Telophase

(b) Metaphase

(c) Late anaphase

(d) Late prophase

Answer: (b)

4. Balbiani rings are found in

(a) Heterosome

(b) Lampbrush chromosome

(c) Autosome

(d) Polytene chromsome

Answer: (d)

5. This structure tends to vanish always during meiosis and mitosis

(a) Plastids

(b) Plasma membrane

(c) Nucleolus and nuclear membrane

(d) All of these

Answer: (c)

6. Centrosome duplication takes place in this phase

(a) S phase

(b) G1 phase

(c) G0 phase

(d) M phase

Answer: (a)

7. The __________ checkpoint is also known as restriction point

(a) G1 checkpoint

(b) G2 checkpoint

(c) M checkpoint

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

8. The characteristic of this stage of mitosis is the separation of the sister chromatids

(a) Telophase

(b) Metaphase

(c) Prometaphase

(d) Anaphase

Answer: (d)

9. This condition is necessary for a cell to qualify through the G2 checkpoint

(a) Cell should be of a size sufficient enough

(b) Complete and accurate DNA replication

(c) Sufficient stockpile of nucleotides

(d) Complete attachment of mitotic spindle fibers to kinetochores

Answer: (b)

10. Individual chromosomes become distinct through a light microscope during this mitotic stage

(a) Prometaphase

(b) Prophase

(c) Anaphase

(d) Metaphase

Answer: (b)

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