MCQs on Cell Cycle Phases

Cell cycle is a series of events taking place inside the cells to give rise to daughter cells through the division of the cytoplasm of the cell and other cell organelles. The cell goes through 4 major stages which is commonly known as the cell cycle phases. The 4 phases of cell cycle are – the G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase and the M phase.

1. The division of cytoplasm is known as

(a) Mitosis

(b) Synapsis

(c) Cytokinesis

(d) Karyokinesis

Answer: (c)

2. The stage in which chromosomes align on the equator of spindle fiber is

(a) Telophase

(b) Anaphase

(c) Metaphase

(d) Prophase

Answer: (c)

3. The best stage at which the total number of chromosomes can be counted in any species is

(a) Telophase

(b) Metaphase

(c) Late anaphase

(d) Late prophase

Answer: (b)

4. Balbiani rings are found in

(a) Heterosome

(b) Lampbrush chromosome

(c) Autosome

(d) Polytene chromsome

Answer: (d)

5. This structure tends to vanish always during meiosis and mitosis

(a) Plastids

(b) Plasma membrane

(c) Nucleolus and nuclear membrane

(d) All of these

Answer: (c)

6. Centrosome duplication takes place in this phase

(a) S phase

(b) G1 phase

(c) G0 phase

(d) M phase

Answer: (a)

7. The __________ checkpoint is also known as restriction point

(a) G1 checkpoint

(b) G2 checkpoint

(c) M checkpoint

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

8. The characteristic of this stage of mitosis is the separation of the sister chromatids

(a) Telophase

(b) Metaphase

(c) Prometaphase

(d) Anaphase

Answer: (d)

9. This condition is necessary for a cell to qualify through the G2 checkpoint

(a) Cell should be of a size sufficient enough

(b) Complete and accurate DNA replication

(c) Sufficient stockpile of nucleotides

(d) Complete attachment of mitotic spindle fibers to kinetochores

Answer: (b)

10. Individual chromosomes become distinct through a light microscope during this mitotic stage

(a) Prometaphase

(b) Prophase

(c) Anaphase

(d) Metaphase

Answer: (b)

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