MCQs On Method Of Birth Control For NEET 2021

Any medicine, technique or even a device that is used in pregnancy prevention is known as birth control or contraception. Broadly these techniques can be categorized into barrier methods, techniques preventing implantation of fertilized eggs inside the uterus and methods that prevent ovulation such as birth control pills.

1. What is the function of copper-T?

(a) stops oblituation of the blastocoel

(b) checks mutation

(c) stops fertilization

(d) stops zygote formation

Answer: (c)

2. Test tube baby means a baby born when

(a) developed in a test tube

(b) ovum is fertilized externally and thereafter implanted in the uterus

(c) it is developed through the tissue culture method

(d) developed from a non-fertilized egg

Answer: (b)

3. Through amniocentesis, foetal cells can be tested for detecting various diseases if foetus by

(a) DNA Analysis

(b) Karyotype

(c) Enzyme production

(d) All of these

Answer: (b)

4. The success of birth control programme in controlling population growth is dependant on

(a) tubectomy

(b) use of contraceptives

(c) vasectomy

(d) acceptability of the above by the people

Answer: (d)

5. Which one of the following is tested by the technique of amniocentesis?

(a) chromosomal abnormalities in a foetus

(b) biochemical abnormalities in a foetus

(c) errors of metabolism in a foetus

(d) all the above

Answer: (d)

6. Foetal sex can be determined by examining cells from the amniotic fluid by looking for

(a) Kinetochore

(b) chiasmata

(c) autosomes

(d) Barr bodies

Answer: (d)

7. The action of the vaginal diaphragm is

(a) prevent the sperm to come in contact with ova

(b) anti-implantational

(c) spermicidal

(d) prevent the ova to come in the uterus

Answer: (a)

8. Which of the following is a method of birth control?

(a) GIFT

(b) IUDs

(c) IVE-ET

(d) HTF

Answer: (b)

9. The action of contraceptive is

(a) Prevention of ovulation and fertilization only

(b) prevent ovulation only

(c) prevent rapid passing of eggs in the oviduct

(d) prevention of ovulation, implantation and fertilization only

Answer: (a)

10. The action of cream and jelly is

(a) entangles sperm

(b) spermicidal and immobilizing the sperms

(c) enables sperms to reach towards ovum speedily

(d) prevents the ova from being released

Answer: (b)

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