MCQs on Leg Bones For NEET

The lower limb has 30 bones some of which are tibia, femur, tarsal bones, fibula, metatarsal bones, etc. The femur is the single bone of the thigh while the tibia is the larger, weight-bearing bone situated on the medial side of the leg. The thigh-bone or the femur is the strongest and longest bone of the body accounting for close to 1/4th of the person’s total height. Solve these questions on the leg bone topic for NEET.

1. The intermediate cutaneous nerve of the thigh

(a) pierces sartorius

(b) projects independent of the medial cutaneous nerve of the thigh

(c) emerges from the sacral plexus

(d) expands beneath the knee

Answer: (a)

2. This is not an action of the gracilis

(a) medial rotation of the flexed knee

(b) adduction of the thigh

(c) flexion of the knee

(d) extension of the thigh

Answer: (b)

3. The anterior tibial artery

(a) found lateral to the deep peroneal nerve

(b) pierces interosseous membrane

(c) supplies the lateral compartment of the leg

(d) gives nutrient artery to the tibia

Answer: (c)

4. This muscle provides the most control of the hip joint movement while sitting

(a) gluteus maximus

(b) semimembranosus

(c) gluteus medius

(d) iliacus

Answer: (a)

5. Concerning the knee joint movements

(a) there is no active rotation of the extended knee

(b) major role of the menisci is in extension/flexion of the knee

(c) popliteus “unlocks” the extended knee by producing medial rotation of the femur

(d) passive knee-extension will not result in “locking” of the joint

Answer: (a)

6. In the leg

(a) the inferior tibiofibular joint is a synovial joint

(b) the extensor compartment comprises 4 muscles, the anterior tibial vessels and the superficial peroneal nerve

(c) deep fascia covers muscles only

(d) two intermuscular septa attach to the tibia

Answer: (c)

7. This is an incorrect statement regarding the innervation of the lower limb

(a) deep peroneal nerve supplies extensor digitorum brevis

(b) deep peroneal nerve supplies peroneus tertius

(c) superficial peroneal nerve supplies skin between the first and second toes

(d) common peroneal nerve supplies no muscles in the leg

Answer: (c)

8. The tibial nerve

(a) has one sensory and five motor branches in the popliteal fossa

(b) found deep to flexor digitorum longus in the calf

(c) when injury results in anaesthesia of the dorsum of the foot

(d) found between the tendons of tibialis posterior and flexor digitorum longus passing behind the medial malleolus

Answer: (a)

9. The largest bone in the human body is

(a) Tibia

(b) Femur

(c) Spine

(d) Skull

Answer: (b)

10. The thinnest bone of the human body is

(a) Incus

(b) Stapes

(c) Fibula

(d) Malleus

Answer: (c)

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