MCQs on Peristalsis For NEET

Peristalsis is a wave-like movement of the muscles to push down food to different processing stations for the food to be disintegrated further. This process commences in the oesophagus and is an involuntary progressive movement. Learn some important MCQs on Peristalsis here.

1. This structure is absent in frogs and present in man

(a) thyroid gland

(b) adrenal gland

(c) salivary gland

(d) pancreas

Answer: (c)

2. This hormone facilitates the secretion of HCl from the stomach

(a) somatomedin

(b) secretin

(c) gastrin

(d) renin

Answer: (c)

3. Pick the incorrect statement

(a) cephalic phase of gastric secretion does not involve the release of gastrin

(b) contraction of pyloric sphincter is caused due to large doses of gastrin

(c) deficiency of intrinsic factor causes pernicious anaemia

(d) gastric peristalsis includes propulsive grinding and mixing movements

Answer: (a)

4. In humans, this pair of food constituents arrive at the stomach in a state of complete indigestion

(a) Starch and protein

(b) Fat and starch

(c) Cellulose and protein

(d) Cellulose and fat

Answer: (d)

5. This is most likely to happen if parietal cells of the gut epithelium turn partially non-functional

(a) Steapsin turns all the more effective

(b) pH of the stomach will sharply decline

(c) Efficiency of pancreatic enzymes will reduce particularly of lipase and trypsin

(d) Inadequate hydrolysis of pepsin into peptones and proteoses

Answer: (d)

6. This regulates the peristalsis of the intestine

(a) Brachial plexus

(b) Sacral plexus

(c) Auerbach’s plexus

(d) Discoidal plexus

Answer: (c)

7. This is incorrect about vitamins

(a) tocopherol is anti-sterility vitamin

(b) vitamins are indispensable for life

(c) vitamins act as a source of energy

(d) vitamins are organic catalysts

Answer: (c)

8. Minimum peristalsis takes place in

(a) Oesophagus

(b) Duodenum

(c) Rectum

(d) Stomach

Answer: (c)

9. This prevents keratinization of the skin

(a) Vitamin D

(b) Vitamin C

(c) Vitamin B

(d) Vitamin A

Answer: (d)

10. This macromineral is essential for the synthesis of insulin

(a) magnesium

(b) chlorine

(c) iodine

(d) sulphur

Answer: (d)

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