MCQs on Alcoholism For NEET

A chronic condition, alcoholism is the uncontrolled urge to drink and remain preoccupied with it. This inability to control drinking is a result of depending on alcohol both physically and emotionally. It is the most severe form of alcohol abuse. Commonly, it is referred to as alcohol use disorder. It can be split into three categories – mild, moderate and severe. Counselling serves as a preventive measure. Learn important questions on Alcoholism for NEET here.

1. Consumption of this causes increase in the fat synthesis, dilation of blood vessels, low blood sugar and stomach-inflammation

(a) drug addiction and tobacco

(b) alcohol

(c) tobacco

(d) drug addiction

Answer: (a)

2. This causes tunnel vision

(a) Smoking

(b) Alcohol

(c) Barbiturates

(d) Vitamin A deficiency

Answer: (b)

3. After drinking alcohol, consumption of this leads to death

(a) Morphine

(b) Opium

(c) Barbiturate

(d) All of these

Answer: (c)

4. This drug along with alcohol generates marked drowsiness otherwise does not produce sedative effect

(a) Marijuana

(b) Valium

(c) Antihistamine

(d) Barbiturate

Answer: (c)

5. Constituent of alcoholic beverage is

(a) Propyl alcohol

(b) Methyl alcohol

(c) Ethyl alcohol

(d) Mix of all of these

Answer: (c)

6. This is a result of the appearance of the fatty liver syndrome

(a) synthesis of fatty acids, fat and glycerols

(b) synthesis of fat from alcohol

(c) synthesis of fat from amino acids

(d) excessive synthesis of fat from fatty acids

Answer: (b)

7. Alcoholism causing fatty acid syndrome is called

(a) Cirrhosis

(b) Neuritis

(c) Gastritis

(d) Nephritis

Answer: (a)

8. This is a withdrawal symptom of alcohol consumption

(a) Delirium

(b) Nausea and vomiting

(c) swollen and patchy face

(d) all of these

Answer: (b)

9. This causes the maximum accumulation of fat in the liver

(a) meat and egg

(b) alcohol

(c) saturated fat

(d) starch

Answer: (b)

10. This is a consequence of alcohol addiction

(a) psychosis, hypertension and fatty liver syndrome

(b) cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and fatty liver syndrome

(c) ulcers, all types of mental illness, vitamin deficiency, cardiovascular diseases

(d) all of these

Answer: (b)

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