MCQs on Mitosis

Mitosis is essential for cell growth, repair and regeneration. Mitosis occurs during asexual reproduction and vegetative propagation. It gives rise to genetically identical cells having the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.

1. DNA synthesis takes place during_________ phase

(a) M phase

(b) G2 phase

(c) G1 phase

(d) S phase

Answer: (d)

2. Where does spindle fibres attach to during metaphase?

(a) kinetochore of the chromosome

(b) kinetosome of the chromosome

(c) centromere of the chromosome

(d) telomere of the chromosome

Answer: (a)

3. Nucleolus and endoplasmic reticulum start disappearing at

(a) late prophase

(b) early prophase

(c) late metaphase

(d) early metaphase

Answer: (b)

4. Early prophase of a diploid cell has_____ sets of chromosomes; telophase of a diploid cell has ____ sets of chromosomes

(a) 1;2

(b) 2;1

(c) 2;2

(d) 1;1

Answer: (c)

5. A protein complex, that links sister chromatids, is

(a) actin

(b) cohesin

(c) myosin

(d) actomyosin

Answer: (b)

6. Formation of cell plate starts at

(a) G2 phase

(b) prophase

(c) telophase

(d) S phase

Answer: (c)

7. If you want to count the number of chromosomes, which is the best stage to do so?

(a) telophase

(b) interphase

(c) prophase

(d) metaphase

Answer: (d)

8. Mitotic anaphase and metaphase have

(a) chromosomes are halved at anaphase

(b) chromatids are halved at anaphase

(c) the same number of chromosomes and chromatids

(d) both chromosomes and chromatids are halved at anaphase

Answer: (a)

9. Colchicine arrests cell division at

(a) interphase

(b) prophase

(c) metaphase

(d) anaphase

Answer: (c)

10. Cell division occurring during cleavage

(a) meiosis

(b) mitosis

(c) amitosis

(d) closed mitosis

Answer: (d)


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