MCQs on Protein Synthesis For NEET

Transcription of mRNA from DNA gene in the nucleus is one of the first steps in the synthesis of proteins. The different types of RNA at some prior time have been produced using suitable DNA. The RNAs then move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. Learn and solve some important multiple choice questions on Protein synthesis for your NEET preparation.

1. This best describes a polysome

(a) active site for synthesis of lipids

(b) active site for synthesis of proteins

(c) active site for synthesis of DNA

(d) all of these

Answer: (b)

2. In protein synthesis, translocation is initiated with the movement of

(a) tRNA from P-site to the A-site

(b) dipeptidyl tRNA from A-site to P-site

(c) tRNA from A-site to P-site

(d) tRNA from P-site to E-site

Answer: (b)

3. The process by which protein synthesis from genetic code occurs is best described by

(a) transcription

(b) translation

(c) replication

(d) reproduction

Answer: (b)

4. This is incorrect about the nature of genetic code.

Codons are

(a) universal

(b) overlapping

(c) commaless

(d) triplet

Answer: (b)

5. This elongation factor is known as translocase

(a) EFG

(b) EF2

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) EF-Tu and EF-Ts

Answer: (c)

6. This drug inhibits the initiation step of translation

(a) ricin

(b) tetracycline

(c) streptomycin

(d) cyclohexylamine

Answer: (c)

7. In translation, this is not an essential component

(a) amino acid

(b) ligase

(c) mRNA

(d) anticodon

Answer: (b)

8. This identifies a particular amino acid and its cognate tRNA molecule

(a) topoisomerase

(b) rRNA

(c) Ribosome

(d) tRNA synthetase

Answer: (d)

9. Protein synthesis corresponds to the process of

(a) duplicating required DNA for synthesis of proteins

(b) formation of amino acids from mRNA

(c) formation of mRNA from DNA template

(d) formation of amino acids from DNA template directly

Answer: (b)

10. This is considered to be the start codon

(a) AGG

(b) UAG

(c) GUG

(d) AUG

Answer: (d)

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