MCQs on Neurons Nerve Impulse

Electric changes across the neurotic membrane is the reason why nerve impulses are transmitted from one neuron to another. Polarization of the membrane of an unstimulated neuron takes place, in simpler words a difference in the electrical charges between the exterior and the interior of the membranes takes place. Where the interior is negative in charge compared to the exterior. The initiation of an impulse to the resetting of a neuron in order to prepare the neuron for a second stimulation can be carried out in these following four steps –

  • Action potential.
  • Repolarization.
  • Hyperpolarization
  • Refractory period.

Learn MCQs on neurons nerve impulse here.

1. The Myelin sheath is derived from the

(a) Microglia

(b) Neuroglial cells

(c) Schwann cells

(d) Nerve cells

Answer: (c)

2. Nissl’s granules are found in

(a) Nerve cells

(b) WBC

(c) RBC

(d) Platelets

Answer: (a)

3. Which of these is a disease of the myelin sheath?

(a) Polio

(b) Leprosy

(c) Multiple sclerosis

(d) Alzheimer

Answer: (c)

4. This neurotransmitter is not a biogenic amine

(a) Serotonin

(b) Dopamine

(c) Norepinephrine

(d) Neuropeptides

Answer: (d)

5. A nerve impulse jumps from one __________ to another during saltatory conduction

(a) Synapse

(b) Axon

(c) Node of Ranvier

(d) Myelin sheath

Answer: (c)

6. ________ are the neurons carrying impulses away from the central nervous system

(a) Efferent nerves

(b) Afferent nerves

(c) Extensors

(d) Sensory nerves

Answer: (a)

7. This amongst the following is found in muscle cells and nerves

(a) membrane potential

(b) potassium equilibrium potential

(c) resting potential

(d) sodium equilibrium potential

Answer: (c)

8. Which of these has the highest permeability in a resting nerve cell?

(a) Cl-

(b) Na+

(c) K+

(d) I-

Answer: (c)

9. For the first time, research on nerve cells was carried out on this organism

(a) Grasshopper

(b) Drosophila melanogaster

(c) Octopus

(d) Giant squid

Answer: (d)

10. Neurotransmitters can inhibit or excite neurons. _________ for example, is inhibitory whereas __________ is excitatory

(a) GABA; glutamate

(b) Glutamate; GABA

(c) Serotonin; dopamine

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)


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