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Arthropoda MCQs For NEET

The animal kingdom is dominated by the Arthropoda with close to 85% known species in this phylum. Entities belonging to this phyla show an exoskeleton chiefly consisting of chitin, which is a polysaccharide resistant to water. They have a segmented body and fusion of segments known as tagma. Solve some important NEET questions on Arthropoda.

1. In arthropods, this is complete

(a) circulatory system

(b) respiratory structures

(c) digestive system

(d) reproductive structures

Answer: (c)

2. The periplaneta belongs to which of this phyla

(a) Echinodermata

(b) Annelida

(c) Mollusca

(d) Arthropoda

Answer: (d)

3. The labrum in cockroach is attached to the head capsule through the means of

(a) Clypeus

(b) Genas

(c) Frons

(d) All the above

Answer: (a)

4. The characteristic of pronounced cephalisation is seen in

(a) Arthropoda

(b) Mollusca

(c) Annelida

(d) Echinoderms

Answer: (a)

5. This is the basic unit in the eye of insect/cockroach

(a) Corneal facet

(b) Ommatidium

(c) Rhabdome

(d) Retina

Answer: (b)

6. This is the common factor between housefly, anopheles and cockroach

(a) three pair of legs

(b) two pair of wings

(c) cuticle covering the body

(d) presence of cephalothorax

Answer: (a)

7. Pick the common trait in rats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, leeches

(a) all these have a sexual phase

(b) all these have no cellular membrane

(c) all these do not have a nucleus

(d) all these have an anticoagulatin

Answer: (a)

8. The growth in arthropods goes along with this process

(a) mitosis

(b) only molting

(c) only ecdysis

(d) ecdysis and molting

Answer: (d)

9. To view the haemocoel, you would pick this animal

(a) Sponge

(b) Earthworm

(c) Scolopendra

(d) Hydra

Answer: (c)

10. In cockroach, the spiracles are found in

(a) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 4 pairs

(b) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 6 pairs

(c) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 8 pairs

(d) thorax – 2 pairs, abdomen – 10 pairs

Answer: (c)

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