Artificial Hybridization Questions With Answers

The process by which desired pollen grains are utilized for pollination and fertilization is referred to as artificial hybridization. It is a technique adopted with a view of crop improvement where the foremost criteria is to make sure that the desired pollen grains are used for pollination and stigma is protected from contamination which is typically carried out by emasculation and bagging techniques.

1. This is the correct sequence for artificial experiment in bisexual flowers

(a) Self-pollination -> Bagging -> Emasculation -> Rebagging

(b) Cross pollination -> Bagging -> Emasculation -> Rebagging

(c) Emasculation -> Bagging -> Cross pollination -> Rebagging

(d) Bagging -> Emasculation -> Cross pollination -> Rebagging

Answer: (c)

2. Both geitonogamy and autogamy are prevented in

(a) Cucumber

(b) Papaya

(c) Mazia

(d) Castor

Answer: (b)

3. The pollen tube releases the two male gametes into the

(a) the cytoplasm of antipodal cells

(b) one male gamete in cytoplasm of synergids and other in cytoplasm of central cell

(c) both in cytoplasm of central cell

(d) both in cytoplasm of synergids

Answer: (d)

4. Who first used artificial hybridization in fruit crops?

(a) Karpocho

(b) Knight

(c) Jones

(d) Mendel

Answer: (b)

5. This will lose its economic value if fruits are produced through parthenocarpy

(a) Banana

(b) Citrus

(c) Pomegarante

(d) Grape

Answer: (c)

6. After reaching the ovary, pollen tube does not display this of the following events

(a) may enter the ovule through chalaza

(b) enters one of the synergids through filiform apparatus

(c) enters the ovule through the micropyle

(d) chemotactic movement of pollen tube towards synergid

Answer: (d)

7. This statement is incorrect

(a) the seed dormancy is the internal or innate inhibition of generation of normal or viable seeds

(b) embryo in the dormant seeds show higher rate of general metabolic rate

(c) because fo dormancy seeds remain viable for long durations and can be stored

(d) as the seeds mature, its water content is reduced and seeds become relatively dry

Answer: (b)

8. When dioecious plants are considered for artificial hybridization, this step would not be relevant

(a) collection of pollen

(b) bagging of female flower

(c) dusting of pollen on stigma

(d) emasculation

Answer: (d)

9. Aleurone layer participates in

(a) enzyme synthesis

(b) transfer of food to cotyledons

(c) is also known as scutellum

(d) protection of delicate embryo

Answer: (a)

10. The external conditions required for seed germination are

(a) light, moisture and appropriate temperature

(b) oxygen, carbon dioxide and appropriate temperature

(c) oxygen, light and appropriate temperature

(d) oxygen, moisture and suitable temperature

Answer: (d)

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