MCQs on Connective Tissue

Connective tissues support and connect different tissues and organs of the body. They originate from the mesoderm. Collagen or elastin fibres secreted by cells account for its flexibility, strength and elasticity. They perform a wide variety of functions depending on the nature of intercellular substances. Examples of connective tissue include adipose tissue, areolar tissue, bone, blood, cartilage, etc.

1. Find the correct statement

(a) Areolar tissue is a loose connective tissue

(b) Tendon is a specialized connective tissue

(c) Cartilage is a loose connective tissue

(d) Adipose tissue is a dense connective tissue

2. In comparison to human erythrocytes, frog’s erythrocytes are

(a) smaller and fewer

(b) nucleated and without haemoglobin

(c) enucleated but with haemoglobin

(d) nucleated and with haemoglobin

3. Tip of the nose and external ears have

(a) areolar tissue

(b) ligament

(c) cartilage

(d) bone

4. Mast cells contain

(a) heparin and histamine

(b) heparin and calcitonin

(c) serotonin and melanin

(d) vasopressin and relaxin

5. The largest extracellular material present in the

(a) Stratified epithelium

(b) Striated muscle

(c) Myelinated nerve fibres

(d) Areolar tissue

6. Peptidoglycan present in the cartilage is

(a) ossein

(b) chondroitin

(c) cartilagin

(d) casein

7. Antibodies are secreted by

(a) adipose cells

(b) reticular cells

(c) plasma cells

(d) mast cells

8. Histamine is secreted by

(a) histiocytes

(b) lymphocytes

(c) fibroblasts

(d) mast cells

9. Ligament is

(a) modified yellow elastic fibrous tissue

(b) inelastic white fibrous tissue

(c) modified white fibrous tissue

(d) none of the above

10. Collagen is

(a) carbohydrate

(b) lipid

(c) fibrous protein

(d) globular protein


1. (a) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (a) 5. (d)
6. (b) 7. (c) 8. (d) 9. (a) 10. (c)


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