Salivary Glands Questions With Answers

Saliva brings about digestion. It helps to disintegrate food and operates in keeping the mouth clean. In addition, it also helps wash away bacteria and other food substances. It regulates the quantity of bad and good bacteria in the mouth too. We have three pairs of salivary glands – parotid glands, sublingual gland and the submandibular gland.

1. The duct of Bartholin is linked with

(a) sublingual glands

(b) maxillary glands

(c) parotid glands

(d) infraorbital glands

Answer: (a)

2. Largest salivary gland is

(a) submaxillary

(b) parotid

(c) sublingual

(d) infraorbital

Answer: (b)

3. In rabbits, the number of salivary glands present are

(a) 5 pairs

(b) 4 pairs

(c) 3 pairs

(d) 2 pairs

Answer: (b)

4. Tongue is attached to the floor of buccal cavity by

(a) falciform ligament

(b) frenulum

(c) lingual papilla

(d) mesentery

Answer: (b)

5. Salivary glands are absent in

(a) Musca domestica

(b) Blatta orientalis

(c) Anopheles maculipennis

(d) Rana hexadactyla

Answer: (d)

6. Nuhn’s glands are present on

(a) stomach

(b) tongue

(c) skin

(d) intestine

Answer: (b)

7. Animals eating own faecal matter are

(a) Detritivorous

(b) Coprophagous

(c) Frugivorous

(d) Sanguivorous

Answer: (b)

8. Microphagial nutrition takes place in

(a) Hydra

(b) Paramecium

(c) Insects

(d) Euglena

Answer: (b)

9. Osmotrophy is found in

(a) Taenia

(b) Pila

(c) Palaemon

(d) Asterias

Answer: (a)

10. The alimentary canal is typically longer in

(a) herbivores

(b) carnivores

(c) insectivores

(d) omnivores

Answer: (a)

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